Domino on Azure


Move your Domino application server to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, letting you completely eliminate in-house hardware, networking, security and operational reliance on legacy infrastructure. With Domino on Azure, the Binary Tree team will manage your cloud-based server for you – in your tenant or our own. 

  • cloud-deployment.png Fully Migrate

    After migrating mail and collaboration solutions to Microsoft, Domino on Azure moves your Domino application server to Azure, letting you complete the transition from IBM.

  • comprehensive.png Organizational Efficiency

    Eliminate the complexities of managing servers in multiple environments, with your Domino applications fully residing in Azure – either on your tenant or ours.

  • efficiency.png Application Strategy

    With Domino on Azure migrating your Domino application server to Azure, you can strategically plan to handle your legacy applications on your schedule – so you can address applications the way you want, when you want, with Domino Application Services.

  • insight.png Align Resources Strategically

    Since Domino on Azure will move your server to Microsoft Azure, you no longer have to worry about maintaining IBM-focused resources, allocating more focus on strategic activities.

  • partnership.png Ongoing Support

    Even after the migration, the Binary Tree team will continue to manage your Domino server on Azure, providing you continuity of support, reducing your need for additional Azure-based management.

  • flexible.png Flexibility

    With Domino on Azure, we can move your server to the Azure cloud from IBM – but we can also migrate a server from another IaaS cloud provider or even an existing Azure tenant

  • collaboration.png Full Transformation Solutions

    Binary Tree offers continued solutions to assist your transformation. Domino Application Services will assess, replace and replicate your legacy applications to fit your organization.