Binary Tree Services Overview

Backed by a full suite of enterprise transformation services, Binary Tree, and our partners, can help you plan, prepare and perform a successful evolution.


Services Overview - Migration Assessment

Assessments help you to identify common problems before starting a migration. Remediating any issues found during these assessments can shorten your timeframe, prevent budget overruns and minimize the impact of the transition process on your users.

Active Directory Assessment

The Active Directory Assessment provides critical insight of the current state and health of Active Directory, especially as it pertains to an Office 365 deployment.

Notes Assessment

Designed to provide you with the insight and guidance to properly prepare your IBM/Lotus Domino environment for a migration to Exchange on-premises, to Exchange Online in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud, or to a hybrid deployment.

Notes Integration Assurance

Notes Integration Assurance is a thorough assessment of existing free/busy integration for Binary Tree Notes Integration | CMT users to gain a more efficient, integrated environment.


Services Overview - Remote Migration


Migration-as-a-Service, or MaaS, provides a full-service approach to technological transformations. Relax as Binary Tree's professional services complete the entire migration to meet your target goals. 

Application Modernization


Application Modernization

Our Application Modernization service provides a way to evaluate and transform Domino Applications to current platforms, including Exchange and Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 Managed Services



Surround365 introduces managed Office 365 services, including service desk and targeted adoption campaigns, driving an unparalleled end user experience — all leading to higher rates of adoption and increased productivity.