Binary Tree Products Overview

Take command and control over your enterprise migrations.

Active Directory Transformations

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Active Directory Pro

Streamline your Active Directory transformation project with Binary Tree's Active Directory Pro.  Active Directory Pro lets you merge, consolidate, or restructure your Active Directory environment.

Microsoft Exchange Migrations

Microsoft Exchange Migrations Product Overview

Binary Tree's powerful Exchange migration tools for transforming enterprises and SMBs from legacy Exchange Server environments to Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, Office 365, or hybrid deployments.

Exchange Pro

Our award-winning software for automating and simplifying enterprise Exchange migrations within forests, between forests and to the Microsoft Office 365 Cloud.

Exchange Pro Public Folders

Gain all of the powerful features of Exchange Pro, with the ability to migrate public folders with an Exchange-to-Exchange transformation - or even to Office 365 - while maintaining bi-directional synchronization.

Notes CMT Suite

Lotus Notes Migrations Product Overview

Binary Tree provides the CMT suite of migration and transformation tools for moving from Notes to Exchange on-premises, Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365, or to hybrid deployments.

Notes Integration | CMT

Establish robust interoperability between Domino and Exchange/Office 365.

Notes Migrator | CMT

High-performance mailbox migration from Notes to Exchange/Office 365.

Notes Archive Migrator | CMT

As a key part of Notes Migrator | CMT, migrate archives for a complete transformation.

Directory Synchronization

Directory Messaging Product Overview


Directory Sync Pro

Establish and maintain bi-directional synchronization between distinct instances of Active Directory or between Active Directory and Domino Directory.  Gain a more unified organization with a common, shared Directory with Directory Sync Pro.