Application Archiving Solution


According to Gartner, if you are like most organizations, more than 50% of your existing Notes/Domino applications “would be classified as fit for decommissioning.” Binary Tree’s Application Archiving solution can help you to archive your unused applications and accelerate your efforts to modernize Domino. For Domino applications with aged data, our Application Archiving solution will help you modernize application content to a client and server independent format. We include a solution to easily retrieve the archived data in a user-friendly format.


Domino Application Archiving.png
  • App Archiving Icon Extract.png Extract Application Content

    All documents from each Domino database are extracted to an XML file – one file for each document and one repository for each database. For the archive to be more user friendly, we include an extract of all documents in the databases in HTML format. During the export, the tool also creates an index file with one or more record identifiers to make the XML repository prepared for faster search and recovery capabilities.

  • domino-analyzer-inspection.png Retrieve Archived Content

    A front-end search engine can be configured to search for requested content. Because we can use a combination of both XML and HTML (although not linked), the retrieval tool user interface will appear as if the document was viewed using a Domino web client. All rich-text, attachments, and metadata are retained.

  • App Archiving Icon Store.png Store Application Content

    The Binary Tree solution is completely open to use in conjunction with any storage service or device as the accessible archive can be uploaded to any available web-server or service. Binary Tree recommends storing data in a SharePoint Online or Cloud blob like Azure Blob Storage which will protect the content of the stored archives with their own integrated Active Directory authentication methods.

  • 1

    Archive and Modernize Your Domino Applications

    Archive aged content and accelerate the retirement of Domino.

  • 2

    Extract Your Application Data

    Extract your application data as XML files to enable robust retrieval capabilities.

  • 3

    Store Your Archived Data

    Store your archived content in the cloud for easy access.

  • 4

    Retrieve Your Archived Data

    Retrieve your archived application content in a user-friendly HTML format.