Day One Collaboration


Prepare Your Messaging and Directories for Day One

Binary Tree can provide an assessment of your messaging system and an assessment of your directory infrastructures to check their health and get them ready to be integrated and consolidated for your merger, acquisition or divestiture. Assessments are remotely-delivered, fixed-fee services.



Enable Exchange Email Users in the Merging Organizations to Collaborate

Binary Tree’s Directory Sync Pro software establishes synchronization between Active Directory (AD) forests or between Active Directory and Domino so that email users in different organizations can easily find and communicate with each other.


Enable Notes and Exchange Email Users to Collaborate

The Notes Integration | CMT software ensures the high-fidelity interchange of email, calendar entries, calendar free/busy availability, and mail-enabled applications to preserve the workflow of your users, regardless of their migration status from Domino to Exchange.



Accelerate User Adoption by Supplementing Your Help Desk

Binary Tree End-User Services brings peace of mind to companies undergoing a technology migration or transformation by offering assistance to your end-users.  

Onboarding Services can save you time and money in two main ways: helping with the technical side of the migration and driving users to adopt the new platform.

Productivity Services provides your organization with on-demand advisors, performance support, self-help and training to make sure your employees get the most from their new systems.

Scale your help desk with full or on-demand support from Binary Tree’s Help Desk Services.


Maintain the Collaboration between Notes and Exchange Users

With Notes Integration Assurance, you get a health check of your messaging infrastructure either once or twice a year. These periodic checks help keep your integration performing at its best. They can help make sure that your tools don’t slow or stop, which keeps your organization productive.