Transform Domino Applications

Moving your Notes mailboxes and directories is only part of your transformation off of Domino.  Save time and money with a clear and realistic approach for legacy Domino application transformation.  By analyzing all of your applications before transformation to a Microsoft platform, you enable future use, compatibility, and interoperability – without wasting resources on unused or outdated applications. 


Prepare Your Domino Environment for Transformation

Binary Tree's Domino Application Services can provide you with a thorough analysis of your Domino Applications to make sure your planned transformation is aligned with your business strategy.  Our Domino application specialists will help you to determine which applications should be archived and modernized, which should be relocated or reinvented on a modern platform, and which should be retained but moved to the Azure cloud so that you can modernize your Domino server infrastructure.


Transform Your Domino Applications and Modernize Your Legacy Infrastructure

If you are ready to start cutting the costs of maintaining Domino servers, applications and licenses, Binary Tree can help you get started on your Domino Application transformation with Domino Application Services and our Domino and Notes Application Migrator. And if you need to maintain any Notes applications that generate emails, our Notes Integration | CMT software will ensure your Outlook users can interact with these applications.


Reduce the Costs of Managing Domino by Moving Applications to the Microsoft Azure Cloud

For any Domino applications that you need to maintain long-term, our Domino on Azure managed service moves your Domino application servers to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, eliminating in-house hardware, networking, security and operational reliance on legacy infrastructure.   With Domino on Azure, the Binary Tree team will manage your cloud-based Domino application servers for you – in your tenant or our own.