Active Directory Modernization

From a thorough assessment of your Active Directory environment to consolidating multiple environments, Binary Tree offers the solutions and services to meet your Active Directory demands.  We can even help your users communicate across Active Directory environments to eliminate barriers to collaboration.


Binary Tree can assess and remediate your on-premises directory infrastructures, as well as merge multiple directory domains into a consolidated domain.


Prepare Your Directories for Modernization

Binary Tree can provide an assessment of your Active Directory environments to check their health and get them ready to be integrated and consolidated for your modernization initiative. Assessments are remotely-delivered, fixed-fee services.


Synchronize, Merge and Consolidate Active Directory Environments

Binary Tree’s Directory Sync Pro software and Power365® Directory Sync Software-as-a-Service establish synchronization between local and cloud directories so that email users in different organizations can easily find and communicate with each other.  Our Active Directory Pro software and our Power365 Active Directory SaaS solution enable a project team to automate the migration and restructuring of Active Directory environments while ensuring full coexistence between migrated and un-migrated users.


Maintain Your AD Environment with Periodic Health Check Assessments

Binary Tree can provide an assessment of your Active Directory environment to check their health. Assessments are remotely-delivered, fixed-fee services. And we provide our customers complimentary standard support, or a choice of different support plans, to ensure post-project success.