Notes Integration Assurance 


With Notes Integration Assurance, you get a regular health check of your messaging and collaboration coexistence infrastructure. These periodic checks help keep your integration performing at its best, keeping your organization productive. 

  • evaluation.png Evaluation

    Notes Integration Assurance is a thorough assessment of existing free/busy integration for Binary Tree’s Notes Integration | CMT users to gain a more efficient, integrated environment. You get yearly or bi-annual health checks of your coexistence configuration.

  • improvement.png Improvement

    This health check finds any issues that might be slowing or stopping your integration. Then you can quickly fix issues to keep your integration—and your users—working smoothly. From analyzing your coexistence setup to a thorough audit of your environment, we will turn over every rock to help maximize performance.

  • delivery-options.png Delivery options

    Delivered onsite or even remotely, to fit the needs of any organization, Notes Integration Assurance drives efficiency from start to finish. We will create a comprehensive report and review our findings with you to help make educated, data-driven decisions.

  • performance.png Performance

    This service is ideal for organizations that plan to continue to use Notes Integration | CMT and want to get the most out of the solution. Notes Integration Assurance inspects all of your environment settings, firewalls, servers and gateways to maximize performance.

  • 1

    Eliminate Obstacles

    Notes Integration Assurance will ensure that your coexistence setup will work efficiently and effectively, by eliminating bottlenecks that can delay or even stop the flow of mail.

  • 2

    Uncover Problems

    With Notes Integration Assurance, discover problem areas that are slowing performance and limiting collaboration.