PowerCI Cost Governance


The cloud brings unparalleled agility and scalability that enables organizations to innovate faster. Without governance, cloud spend can easily get out-of-control leading to budget overruns. With PowerCI™ Cost Governance, organizations turn wasted cloud spend into value. PowerCI Cost Governance establishes organizational-wide accountability for cloud spend, bridging the financial governance gap for IT, finance and budget groups.

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  • savings.png Accountability

    Assign ownership of spend to a budget group, project, or individual. You can get critical answers to the questions around ownership around cloud spend, with visibility into budgets and responsibility.

  • reccommendations.png Low Impact, Low Risk

    Cut wasteful cloud spend and drive a culture of cloud spend accountability, without impacting core business processes and daily organizational activities. And, with a read-only model focused on data isolation, avoid security concerns with your critical data and information.

  • oversight.png Insight

    Analyze spend based on project or value to make data-driven, strategic decisions aligned with organizational priorities. Gain clarity into spend, across the organization – not just isolated to IT.

  • day-one-efficiency.png Immediate

    With fast, streamlined implementation, PowerCI Cost Governance can start driving cloud savings sooner than ever. Organizations using PowerCI Cost Governance start seeing returns in reduced wasted spend in just weeks.

  • automation.png Agility

    Proactively identify waste, adjust cloud budgets and behaviors to reduce spend. Optimize cloud environments to remove redundancies and maximize tenant utilization, by empowering budget owners to act quickly on spend decisions.

  • central-admin.png Organization-Wide

    Bridge the cloud governance gap between IT, budget owners and groups, and finance with collaboration of insight, ownership and approval controls to manage cloud spend and optimize cloud platforms.

  • 1

    Azure Cost Governance

    Azure Cost Governance has an intuitive user interface, helping you eliminate wasted cloud spend, allowing for reduce cloud costs or even valuable reinvestment into strategic, business initiatives.

  • 2

    Expand Beyond Cost Management

    Azure Cost Governance builds on top of standard Azure cost management solutions, by driving accountability for cloud spend across business and budget owners.