PowerBA™ Analyzer

Discover the ‘DNA’ of Your Applications

PowerBA™ Analyzer is an automated solution for inspecting and analyzing Domino and SharePoint applications. PowerBA Analyzer provides key insights on the design, functionality, categorization, content, usage and security of your applications. PowerBA Analyzer will help you accurately determine the path, time, and cost of transforming your Domino and SharePoint applications.

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  • advanced-reporting.png ANALYZE SHAREPOINT

    The PowerBA Analyzer solution will inspect your SharePoint environment and provide three key analysis reports. It delivers a high-level executive summary of the selected environment, highlighting key takeaways on sizes, distributions, usage, and properties of sites, files, users, and more. A detailed report contains site-level scale/complexity scores, users, usage, and listings of all SharePoint objects (such as InfoPath forms, workflows, and more). Lastly, an Overall Summary Report will provide views of the environment organized by usage, file types, and author.

    Download a sample SharePoint analysis report.

  • transparency.png ANALYZE DOMINO

    PowerBA Analyzer will inspect your Domino environment and provide reports on the design, functionality, categorization, content, usage and security of your applications. It will provide information to specifically target certain code patterns that will factor into the time and cost of migrating your applications. PowerBA Analyzer helps you to group and prioritize your Domino applications to fit your transformation strategy.

    Download a sample Domino analysis report.

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    Analyze SharePoint Applications

    Gain deeper understanding of your SharePoint environment in order to properly plan, prepare, and perform a successful transformation of your SharePoint applications.

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    Analyze Domino Servers and Applications

    Discover insights about Domino that will help you to determine which applications should be archived, which should be relocated (migrated), and which will require redevelopment.