Directory Sync


If your users can’t find each other in the directory, it’s hard for them to work together. Power365® Directory Sync can set up and maintain a sync between Active Directory and/or Azure AD.

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  • customize.png Customize

    Power365 Directory Sync is highly customizable and can handle even the most complex scenarios. Available as Software as a Service, Power365 Directory Sync can be installed quickly for Day One synchronization.

  • synchronized-directory.png AD and Azure AD Sync

    Power365 Directory Sync helps merging organizations coexist over the short or long term — whether on AD or Azure AD. Users benefit from a unified address book, helping communication and collaboration effectively across the combined organization.

  • end-user-focus.png End-user Productivity

    Power365 Directory Sync delivers a positive user experience, helping users collaborate more smoothly across the organization. A Day One Global Address List keeps users productive and collaborative.

  • transparency.png Test

    Power365 Directory Sync lets you do a “dry run” of the sync. It shows you a report that lets you find and fix issues ahead of time. So, you can rest assured that your sync won’t disrupt your users.

  • insight.png Insight

    For your convenience, Power365 Directory Sync consolidates data about multiple directories into a single environment. Its detailed analytics let you get valuable insight and make fast decisions—without wasting time creating reports yourself.

  • test.png Resolve Conflicts

    Power365 Directory Sync lets you resolve any conflicts in your users or distribution lists during the sync. You can choose to skip, rename, or update targets for objects. This is a convenient way to merge source members into target distribution lists.

  • automation.png Solve Complexity

    Power365 Directory Sync syncs even the most complex configurations in large organizations — even between on-premises and Azure environments.

  • privacyshield.png Security Certifications

    Power365 Directory Sync is certified by the highest standards in the industry: CA Veracode, Privacy Shield, ISO 27001:2103 and ISO 27018:2014. With the Power365 platform, you get the assurance that your critical content and data is secure and safe during your migration and tenant integration.

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    Azure AD and Active Directory Sync

    Power365 Directory Sync enables synchronizations between Active Directory environments, Azure AD environments or even between Azure AD and Active Directory.

  • Security

    Security Certifications

    Power365 is designed with the highest security standards in the industry, to ensure that your data is safe, secure and protected.  Power365 is certified with ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27018:2014 and Privacy Shield and is CA Veracode Verified

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    Workflows Enable Management of Multiple Scenarios

    Whether you have a simple sync or one that's more complex, Power365 Directory Sync can meet your needs.  Workflows can be combined to meet a large number of scenarios, and you will only pay for what you sync on a monthly basis.  And you can manage it all, 24/7 from the SaaS interface.

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    Flexible Customization

    Power365 Directory Sync is highly configurable to meet your specific workflows and needs.  From very complex migrations to ones that are more straightforward, Power365 Directory Sync can meet unique, project-specific requirements, to meet a wide range of integration scenarios.

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    Synchronize Passwords

    With Power365 Directory Sync, you get continuous sync from environment to environment to ensure that subsequent changes are reflected.  It handles secure password synchronization, with Near Real-Time (NRT) password sync.


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    Detailed Log Files and Change Reports

    With logs and change reports, you are provided visibility into past and future changes.  You can even use a workflow without writing to perform a dry-run sync test prior to updating your production directories.


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