Power365® Active Directory


Power365® Active Directory accelerates the time-to-value of your enterprise M&A, cloud, identity, and modernization initiatives by streamlining the migration of Active Directory environments. Power365® Active Directory Pro is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that integrates and migrates Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and hybrid directory environments without requiring trusts, SQL, network connectivity, or installing servers. Power365® Active Directory Pro is highly adaptable, automated, secure, manageable and keeps migrated and un-migrated users, devices, and applications in sync during the migration.

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  • azure.png Cloud Solution Benefits

    Power365® Active Directory is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution built in the Microsoft Azure cloud that enables administrators to consolidate, migrate or separate directories in a repeatable process without trusts or installing servers. And because it’s a SaaS solution, you will always have the most updated software, without worrying about upgrades or missing out on the latest features.

  • azure-security.png Highly Secure

    Security is a top concern when you’re dealing with sensitive data. Power365® Active Directory is more secure than competing products, as it avoids RPC and remote registry access. Plus, it is certified to the ISO 27001, ISO 27018, Privacy Shield and Veracode standards.

  • automation.png A Comprehensive Migration

    Power365® Active Directory lets you migrate any objects, settings, properties, workstations and servers within and between forests. It can migrate all objects on your source and target servers—even if they’re disconnected or are on isolated networks.

  • remotely-hosted.png Avoid User Disruptions

    Power365® Active Directory lets you migrate your Active Directory environment during normal business hours. So, you can avoid those stressful late nights and weekends that often come with these projects. Users can keep working during the migration, without interruption. They won’t even notice you’re migrating.

  • remote.png Easily Migrate Remote Users

    Power365® Active Directory lets you easily migrate a widely distributed workforce. You can successfully migrate remote users—without asking them to come to the office.

  • flexible.png Flexibility for Any Scenario

    You can customize Power365® Active Directory to meet the requirements of even the most complex scenarios. For example, you can merge two or more Active Directory environments without a trust relationship. Plus, it supports one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many configurations.

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    Active Directory Migrations in the Cloud

    Power365® Active Directory is based in the Microsoft Azure cloud and facilitates the consolidation, merger and separation of on-premises, Azure, and hybrid Active Directory environments without installing servers.

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    Part of the Power365® SaaS Platform

    Power365® Active Directory is part of the Power365 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, and includes Power365® Directory Sync to keep the AD environments synchronized during the migration.

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    Supports All Active Directory Migration Paths

    Power365® Active Directory lets you migrate between on-premises Active Directory environments, between Azure Active Directory environments, and between Active Directory and Azure Active Directory.

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    Easily Migrate Remote Workstations

    Power365® Active Directory builds upon Microsoft’s Offline Domain Join (ODJ) functionality to enable remote workstations to be cutover to the new domain without contacting a target domain controller. This allows remote workstation to be joined to the new Active Directory domain without having the user connect to the corporate VPN and manually join their workstation to the new domain.

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    Adapt to Your Specific Requirements

    You can customize Power365® Active Directory to meet the requirements of even the most complex scenarios. For instance, you can import custom attributes, meet unique requirements like extended schema and attribute concatenation and, customize attribute mapping on-the-fly without knowing SQL.

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    Secure Migration

    Secure MigrationPower365® Active Directory employs client-to-server communications, does not need RPC or remote registry access, and only needs a few open ports.