Integration Pro


Power365® Integration Pro delivers automated mail address rewrite services, along day-one collaboration capabilities, for a user-friendly integration experience


  • address-rewrite.png Email address rewrite

    Automated email address rewrite services allow end users to communicate from a common email domain from day one—on both inbound and outbound mail—so you present as a unified, cohesive brand. And, you get all of this without downtime — so you won’t have critical gaps in communication.

  • automation.png Automation

    Avoid the time-consuming, complex task of setting up mail forwarders to handle old email addresses. Power365 Integration Pro solves this process with automation, saving time, effort and money.

  • day-one-efficiency.png Day one efficiency

    From day one, business units in multiple geographies and Office 365 tenants can work simply and efficiently as one organization, removing barriers to communication that often create challenges for end users.

  • transparency.png Transparency

    Power365 Integration Pro delivers global access to calendars and free/busy lookup for transparency and scheduling ease, increasing productivity and collaboration across the unified organization.

  • unified-address-list.png Unified address list

    Integration Pro provides a unified address list across business units, organizations or geographies through automatic, mail-enabled contact creation, streamlining coordination between tenants.

  • azure.png Azure

    Complement Azure AD Connect by making direct changes to on-premises Active Directory Objects and mail-enabled groups, reducing time spent with manual adjustments. Integration Pro also uses Azure for scaling automatic load configuration.

  • flexible.png Flexible

    With Power365 Integration Pro, you can choose which domain name — new or old — for sending email, while receiving email sent to either domain, letting you avoid missed communications! You can even mail from an entirely new domain name, without obstacles, giving you the flexibility to communicate as you need.

  • comprehensive.png Comprehensive

    Power365 Integration includes all of the features of Integration, Migration and Public Folders, which includes the ability to migrate Teams and Unified Groups, plus the option for migrating content for SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, for a complete migration and coexistence solution for tenant transformations.

  • 1

    Free/Busy Lookup and Common GAL

    Across globally dispersed tenants or even separate business units/organizations, Power365 Integration Pro eases collaboration with calendar transparency with free/busy lookups and a common, global address list to facilitate communication without obstacles.

  • 2

    Complete Collaboration Solution

    In addition to providing all of the solutions of Power365 Integration – including calendar free/busy across tenants and directory sync – as well as Mail Migration and Public Folders, Integration Pro provides a same-domain solution from day one, without downtime!

  • 3

    Domain Sharing without Downtime

    Power365 is the first solution to automate the entire address rewrite process – without downtime!  So you gain a unified brand presence, without damaging gaps in communication.

  • 4

    Transparency at your Fingertips

    Managing coexistence between your tenants is easy with Power365 Integration and Integration Pro.  You have calendar transparency and directory synchronization solutions right at your fingertips, removing obstacles to business productivity.

  • 5

    Automated Address Rewrite

    Going beyond competing alternatives, Power365 automates the address rewrite process, without tedious, extra, manual steps, for both incoming and outgoing mail.

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