Self-Service Archive
Migrator | CMT


Self-Service Archive Migrator | CMT enables your end users to seamlessly transition their local mail archives from Notes to Outlook and Exchange, efficiently and effectively.  View the video and read below to learn more.

  • complete-archive-solution.png Complete archive solution

    Combined with Notes Migrator | CMT, you gain a complete solution for server- and local-based archive migrations.

  • user-focus.png User-focused

    Users can choose designated archives to migrate, bringing empowerment over the process in a schedule that fits their schedules. And step-by-step tasks provided through the user interface make end-user processes easy and fast to complete, reducing questions and confusion.

  • oversight.png Oversight

    Alerts are automatically send back to administrators through a central tracking database, ensuring proper oversight over the entire process, organization-wide. A central tracking repository allows your administrators to manage all migration tasks from a central location for convenience and accessibility.

  • reduce-system-overload.png Reduce system overload

    Self-Service Archive Migrator | CMT runs on end-user’s machines, removing bottlenecks and restrains from centralized processing.

  • Self-Service Archive Migrator | CMT Overview

    Automate the Migration of Local Email Archives from Notes to Outlook

    With an easy to use interface and a simple installation and configuration process, Self-Service Archive Migrator | CMT streamlines and guides the migration of local email archives from IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook -- all powered by your end users.

  • Overview of SSAM

    Your IT Team Sets Up, Manages and Tracks the Progress of the Archive Migration

    Self-Service Archive Migrator | CMT enables a migration team to quickly implement this solution, identify all of the distributed mail archives, enable their end-users to convert the archives, and track their progress.

  • Self-Service - Migration Processing by End-Users

    Your End-Users Perform the Email Archive Migration

    The actual email archive migration processing is run by end-users on their workstations or laptops prompted by emails from the IT team with all activities being tracked for reporting in a centralized repository.