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Notes Migrator | CMT migrates Domino mailboxes and archives to the destination you choose from on-premises and SmartCloud versions of Notes. With Notes Migrator, you get unmatched data fidelity, an easy admin dashboard, and uninterrupted calendar management. View the video and read below to learn more.

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  • flexible.png Flexible migrations

    Notes Migrator is designed to serve a wide range of migrations. Whether you need to move from on-premises or SmartCloud versions of Notes/Domino to Exchange or Office 365, Notes Migrator effectively migrates your users and data.

  • oversight.png Oversight

    Through a single dashboard, admins can manage and execute the entire migration with ease. So no more late night or weekend migrations.

  • confidence.png Fidelity

    Notes Migrator reduces the risk of disrupting your organization. Its intelligent tools keep your data intact during the migration. So, end users have confidence to continue working without interruption. Even as you migrate, users can keep working in their email and calendar tools, without interference to productivity.

  • complete-archive-solution.png Comprehensive

    Notes Migrator moves it all—from calendar appointments, rooms, files, attachments, mail, contacts, distribution lists, and more. It’s a complete, one-stop migration solution.

  • day-one-efficiency.png Efficient automation

    Automation makes for a smooth, efficient migration. Notes Migrator automates everything, including target environment choices, recovery solutions, and user migration.

  • azure.png Archives

    Notes Archive Migrator | CMT, an integrated part of Notes Migrator, helps retain valuable archives after a migration. It discovers, chooses, and replicates Lotus Notes mail archives that your users have saved, locally. Click here to learn more!

  • Notes Migrator | CMT Overview

    Migrate Your Enterprise from IBM Notes to Microsoft Exchange or Office 365

    Notes Migrator | CMT is the most comprehensive software available for IBM Notes and Domino migration to the Exchange Online messaging environment in Microsoft Office 365.

  • Overview of Notes Migrator | CMT

    Sources and Targets

    Migrate mailboxes as well as server and local archives from Domino 7, 8.5 or 9 to mailboxes, local archives and Exchange archive mailboxes in Exchange 2016, 2013, 2010 or Exchange Online in Office 365.

  • Notes Migrator | CMT Migration Fidelity

    Migration Fidelity

    Notes Migrator | CMT migrates IBM Notes emails, calendars, contacts, to-do’s, journal entries, rich text, mail file access and delegation settings and more to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange while retaining the original text formatting, images, attachments, and links. 

  • Notes Migrator | CMT Migration Manageability

    Migration Manageability

    Notes Migrator | CMT delivers a unique Enterprise Migration Manager (EMM) that provides you with a single dashboard to manage your entire IBM Notes-to-Exchange migration. You can schedule and provision users, monitor the status of their migration, configure pre- and post-processing actions and much more. 

  • Notes Migrator | CMT - Migration Throughput and Scalability

    Migration Throughput and Scalability

    A single Notes Migrator | CMT migration workstation can migrate more than 8 Gb of data per hour for on-premises migrations and a migration farm of workstations is a proven solution for migrating up to 10,000 users per week.

  • Notes Migrator | CMT Migration Customization

    Migration Customization

    Adapt Notes Migrator | CMT for your unique environment, requirements and migration processes. From customizing the user interface and filtering the data to be migrated to automating the clean-up of user systems and performing pre- and post-migration tasks, Notes Migrator can be adapted to your needs.

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