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Notes Integration | CMT from Binary Tree integrates separate platforms—between on-premises or SmartCloud versions of Notes to Microsoft Exchange or Office 365—so your users can collaborate during a migration.  View the video and read below to learn more.

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  • automoated-integration.png Automated Integration

    Notes Integration automatically sets up short- or even long-term integration for on-premises Notes and SmartCloud Notes. This lets users on different platforms coexist in a more seamless environment. Notes Integration keeps continuity in end users’ email and calendars, which lets them focus on their job. That means less costly, wasteful downtime.

  • unified.png Unified

    After a merger or acquisition, a great first step to unify your organization is to unify your directories, mail lists, and calendars. This lets your users collaborate from day one and paves the way for a single brand.

  • collaboration.png Collaboration

    With Notes Integration, users benefit from a familiar mail experience on day one. So they can keep collaborating without interruption.

  • availability.png Availability

    When users are on different tools, scheduling meetings can be a challenge. Notes Integration gives seamless free/busy lookup on calendars—which makes scheduling appointments as easy as ever.

  • calendar-ease.png Calendar Ease

    Notes Integration keeps calendars correctly updated with all the details. It preserves things like meeting rooms, resources, and any attachments. It even keeps more complex recurring calendar appointments.

  • synchronized-directory.png Synchronized Directory

    If users can’t find others in a directory, it’s harder for them to collaborate. Notes Integration helps solve this challenge by synchronizing user directories. It lets users quickly search a common directory to find their team members.

  • Notes Integration | CMT Overview

    Establish Email Coexistence and Interoperability between IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange/Office 365

    Notes Integration | CMT preserves the workflow of your users by ensuring the high-fidelity interchange of directory information, email, calendar entries, calendar free/busy availability, and email-enabled applications.

  • Notes Integration | CMT for Coexistence

    Directory Workflow

    Establishes directory synchronization between on-premises versions of Domino and Exchange to make sure that user addressing is transparent and functional, regardless of the migration status of the users. Also supplements Office 365 migrations by synchronizing the objects in Domino to the on-premises Active Directory and Exchange.

  • Notes Integration | CMT Availability Workflow

    Availability Workflow

    Provides for calendar free/busy lookups to ensure that users can obtain availability information for other users, regardless of the system the users are associated with.

  • Notes Integration | CMT Messaging Workflow

    Messaging Workflow

    Our email coexistence solution enables the high-availability, high-performance, and high-fidelity exchange of data that preserves the workflow related to email including document and database links.

  • Notes Integration | CMT Calendar Workflow

    Calendar Workflow

    Ensures that calendars stay synchronized between Notes and Outlook users when creating, updating, rescheduling, and cancelling meetings, regardless of a user’s migration status.

  • Notes Integration | CMT On-the-Fly Encryption & Decryption

    On-the-Fly Encryption and Decryption

    Encrypted emails and invites from Notes users can be automatically decrypted when sent to Outlook users and Items marked as private or containing a configurable keyword in the subject can be automatically encrypted when sent from Outlook users to Notes users.

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