Discover the ‘DNA’ of Your Domino Applications

Domino and Notes Analyzer (‘DNA’) is an automated solution for inspecting and analyzing Domino servers and applications. Domino and Notes Analyzer provides key insights on the design, functionality, categorization, content, usage and security of your Domino databases. Domino and Notes Analyzer will help you accurately determine the path, time and cost of migrating your Domino applications.

Domino and Notes Analyzer Hero v3.png
  • domino-analyzer-inspection.png Inspect

    The Domino and Notes Analyzer solution will inspect your Domino servers, their applications and any integrations your applications have to other Domino or third-party applications. In addition, it will provide information to specifically target certain code patterns that will factor into the time and cost of migrating your applications.

  • domino-analyzer-analysis.png Analyze

    The Domino and Notes Analyzer solution analyzes the usage and code complexity of each of your applications. Your applications can be grouped and prioritized to fit your migration strategy.

  • domino-analyzer-reporting.png Report

    Domino and Notes Analyzer produces the following reports for rationalizing your migration plan:
    • Servers and Applications
    • Documents and Content
    • Users
    • Usage
    • Database Design and Functionality
    • Database Security
    • Database Categorization and Disposition
    • Database Details
    • And more...

  • 1

    Sample Report – Servers and Applications

    Determine which servers could be retired as well as which applications and databases should be migrated or archived.

  • 2

    Sample Report – Documents and Content

    Discover insights in the quantity and types of content contained in your applications.

  • 3

    Sample Report – Users

    Find out who is using your applications and how their usage has varied over time.

  • 4

    Sample Report – Usage

    Gain an understanding of application usage and which applications could be deleted or archived from lack of use.

  • 5

    Sample Report – Database Design and Functionality

    Determine how your databases use templates and which databases make use of workflow agents, forms and external connections.

  • 6

    Sample Report – Database Security

    Find out how applications are being accessed and edited.

  • 7

    Sample Report – Database Categorization and Disposition

    Gain an understanding the value of your applications and determine transformation targets, costs and timelines.

  • 8

    Sample Report – Database Details

    Explore any database in-depth to gain deeper insights.