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Active Directory Pro from Binary Tree lets you merge, consolidate, or restructure your Active Directory environment – keeping your users, devices, and applications in sync. It is a customizable Active Directory migration tool that migrates objects, settings, properties, workstations and servers within and between Active Directory forests. And Active Directory Pro is much more secure than competing products as it does not use RPC nor remote registry access and it requires no (ZERO) open inbound ports in the network firewall.

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  • comprehensive.png Comprehensive

    Active Directory Pro lets you migrate any objects, settings, and properties within and between forests. It can migrate all objects on your source and target servers—even if they’re disconnected or are on isolated networks.

  • flexible.png Flexibility

    You can customize Active Directory Pro to meet the requirements of even the most complex scenarios. For example, you can merge two or more Active Directory environments without a trust relationship.

  • convenience.png Convenience

    Active Directory Pro lets you migrate Active Directory environments during normal business hours. So you can avoid those stressful late nights and weekends that often come with these projects. Users can keep working during the Active Directory migration, without interruption. They won’t even notice you’re migrating.

  • security.png Security

    Security is a top concern when you’re dealing with sensitive data. Active Directory Pro is more secure than competing products, as it avoids RPC and remote registry access. Plus, it requires zero open inbound ports in the network firewall.

  • insight.png Insight

    Get complete visibility over your Active Directory migration with built-in reports, charts and diagrams in Active Directory Pro. Its powerful analysis and reporting capabilities give you real-time data about every step of your migration.

  • remote.png Remote

    Active Directory Pro lets you easily migrate a widely-distributed workforce. You can successfully migrate remote users—without asking them to come in to the office.

  • ADP1

    Easy to Deploy and Use

    Active Directory Pro is much easier to set up and use than competing products and free tools. Whereas competing offerings force you to use scripts or a dizzying array of modules, Active Directory Pro provides you with two easy-to-use interfaces to deploy and use.

  • ADP2

    Highly Secure

    Active Directory Pro is much more secure than competing products. Our Active Directory migration software does not use RPC nor remote registry access and it requires no (ZERO) open inbound ports in the network firewall.

  • ADP3

    A Comprehensive Migration

    Active Directory Pro provides a complete migration of relevant objects, settings and properties within and between forests. Active Directory objects and their properties, including SID History, are migrated even if the source and target servers are not connected and are on isolated networks.

  • Active Directory Pro Diagram

    Migrate AD without Trusts

    At times, security requirements prohibit the establishment of a trust to unify your environments. Active Directory Pro can help you traverse this challenging migration scenario. Despite the lack of a trust, Active Directory Pro will migrate your users, passwords, groups, workstations and SID History, as well as re-ACL their profiles.

  • Diagram of Active Directory Pro

    Migration of Remote Users

    Active Directory Pro provides support for migrating a distributed workforce. Agents can easily be deployed to workstations via Group Policy or third party tool, the workstation cutover functionality is built into the workflow, and remote workstations that are not continually connected will ‘call home’ to complete their migration tasks.

  • Directory Sync Pro

    Advanced Synchronization

    Active Directory Pro includes our Directory Sync Pro software to keep your AD environments continuously synchronized in order to ensure data integrity and to provide users with access to all resources regardless of the migration status. In addition, the Active Directory migration software provides advanced capabilities like creating users and groups “as is” in the target, creating a customized synchronization schedule and customizing the matching of objects between forests.

  • Active Directory Pro Reporting

    Analysis and Reporting

    With Active Directory Pro, you have complete control over the migration. The solution includes powerful built-in AD analysis and reporting capabilities that provide you with real-time data for monitoring and managing your project.

  • Active Directory Pro

    Safety and Reversibility

    Active Directory Pro can reverse the changes made during key steps in the migration process. The processes are non-destructive to the source objects. When the project is complete, source SID information can be removed from the workstations during a clean up process.

  • ADP9

    Offline Domain Joins for Remote Workstations

    Active Directory Pro can download Offline Domain Join (ODJ) files to remote workstations that are not connected to the corporate network, store cached credentials for existing profiles, and apply the ODJ files to enable these workstations to be automatically joined to the target Active Directory domain.

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