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Are you interested in hearing subject matter experts discuss how we've implemented new and innovative technology solutions here at Binary Tree? Our webinars span the latest  best practices and solutions for migrating email, directories, applications and M&A digital transformations.

Active Directory Migration

The Enterprise Solution for Active Directory Transformations
A Four-Phase Approach to Ensuring a Successful Active Directory Migration
Identify the Top Active Directory Issues that Derail Office 365 Deployment, Onboarding, and Usage
Comparing Active Directory Migration Software Products

Directory Synchronization

The Day One Directory Synchronization Solution
Removing the Pain of Common Directory Synchronization Headaches

Domino Modernization

Are You Prepared for SmartCloud End-of-Life? Critical Information You Need to Know
Finally Retire Your Domino Servers and Apps
How to Cut Costs Significantly by Moving Domino to the Azure Cloud
Liberate the Content from Your Legacy Domino Applications
Solving Challenges to Retire Domino and Migrate Domino Applications
Client Perspective: Transformation Roadmap for Domino Apps

Enterprise Mobility + Security Services

Security Services to Enhance Productivity Across Identity, Mobility and Security

Exchange Modernization

Lessons Learned from Exchange Migrations
How to Migrate Exchange Public Folders to Microsoft Office 365 Groups
Public Folder Migration Strategies: Unraveling the Mystery

Exchange Server 2019, Office 365, or Hybrid: What’s Your Next Move?

Mergers and Acquisitions

A Guide For Consolidating Active Directory, Exchange and Office 365 After A Merger
Lessons Learned from M&A Integration Projects
Create a United Workforce for Day One of a Merger
M&A Solutions for Working as a Unified Team on Day One and Beyond
Power365 Use Cases for Day One Transformations
Survive and Succeed through Mergers and Acquisitions Like a Rock Star

Office 365 Tenant Integration and Migration

‘No Compromise’ Solution for Office 365 Cross-Tenant Migrations
Office 365 Multi-Tenant Environments: Overcome Barriers to Collaboration and Branding
Inject Value into Office 365 Messaging Migration Projects by Solving Unresolved Market Problems
The Enterprise Solution for Office 365 Tenant-to-Tenant Integration and Migration
Office 365 Tenant Migrations and Collaboration Made Easier
Unify Microsoft Teams Across Tenants to Accelerate M&As and Cloud Consolidations


The State of Enterprise Migration
The Four Pillars of Successful Enterprise Email Migrations
The New Age of Product Support for Digital Transformations