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Use Case #3 for Multiple Tenants of Office 365: Data Sovereignty Laws

Office 365 tenants 2.jpg Some countries have laws to prevent hosting or sharing data on their citizens outside their borders. Which means that even though you’re in the Microsoft cloud, you need to control exactly where your data lives. The solution: multiple tenants of Office 365.

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GDPR challenge: Finding personal data across your systems

DataProtection_Guide_Police.png Finding nuggets of personal data buried in your archives and file shares can be a challenge. But to follow the GDPR, you need be able to do just that. Here’s how to make the hunt easier.

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Using the GDPR to make your business better

data-protection-article-GDPR-better-mailing-list-1240x775.jpg The time and money you spend getting ready for the GDPR can be effort well spent. Here are some ways to use your data and privacy efforts to boost your business.

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GDPR: Rollup of Helpful Resources

gdpr-privacy.png The GDPR has gone into effect. As you deepen your compliance, here’s a roll-up of resources you might find helpful.

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GDPR Prep: Keep IoT in Mind

GDPR_IoT.jpg Three ways to make sure regulations around data privacy and sovereignty don’t kill your IoT strategy.

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How to Get Your Mobile Strategy in Line with the GDPR

microsoft conditional access.png The bring-your-own-device trend is here to stay. Per a Gartner survey, only 23% of employees these days get a phone from their employer. Instead, more than 50% of them use their own personal device to access their company’s data and apps. And they’re connecting on the go, from home, from airports, and from coffee shops.

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Explore How Microsoft Helps with GDPR Compliance

GDPR-clock-ticking.png One month until the GDPR. Are you ready yet? If not, fast track yourself with these Microsoft solutions, plus a bit of help from Binary Tree.

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4 Oft-Overlooked Ways to Tighten Up Your Privacy Program

gdpr-privacy.png As you gear up for the GDPR, here are four sometimes overlooked ways to beef up your organization’s privacy program.

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5 Steps to Set Up a Data Governance Program

Server Room GDPR listing.png Whether you need to comply with the GDPR or are just looking for ways to use your data better, here are the steps to set up an effective data governance program.

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Here's How the GDPR Will Affect Your Data Governance

GDPR-Microsoft-quote.png It’s less than 2 months until the GDPR goes into effect. That means you’ll need to be ready with a data governance plan for how you collect, use, and store personal data.

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