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Binary Tree publishes articles on improving IT cloud, M&A and modernization initiatives. Read the latest posts for news, insights, best practices and solutions for transforming Microsoft Office 365, Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and IBM Notes/Domino.

Realizing the Value of Microsoft Teams

The Value of Microsoft Teams listing.jpg The COVID-19 Pandemic has forced many organizations to ramp up their support for employees working from home. The recent surge of new Microsoft Teams users may be a move of necessity for many right now, but most organizations will realize the value of Teams now and into the future. A Forrester study commissioned by Microsoft sheds light on the potential benefits of Teams.

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The 4 Key Problems of Legacy Collaboration Systems

Problems of Legacy Collaboration Systems listing.jpg Many organizations are still using legacy, on-premises point solutions for communications and collaboration. These systems were causing issues and limiting the effectiveness of their employees even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced their workforce to work from home. Forrester outlines four key problems organizations face that are caused by the use of legacy communication and collaboration systems.

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The Amazing Growth of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Growth listing.jpg What a difference a year can make. Last April, Forrester published a study commissioned by Microsoft on The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Teams. And while the findings of the study still ring true and show clear benefits to those that adopt Teams, no one could have predicted the mass surge of new users that has happened since then due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Rise of Remote Work Intensifies Problems with AD Domain Joins

Remote Work Security Issues Active Directory listing.jpg Active Directory domain joins are complex and technically challenging, especially where enterprises have domain-joined devices that are remote to the corporate network. The recent, rapid advance of employees working from home has intensified this issue and the net result is that remote machines pose a unique and growing problem for offline domain joins that are necessary to maintain business operations.

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Our Virtual Journey

Our Virtual Journey listing.jpg How Binary Tree has become a successful virtual company and how we can help you on your virtual workforce journey.

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Are Your IT Service Providers Effective at Working Remotely?

Effective IT Service Remote Work listing.jpg With the recent global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), organizations have been scrambling to augment their support of employees working from home. And while this is an urgent and critical task, organizations must also consider the impact this crisis has had on their IT department. One issue that may not be as apparent relates to your external IT services providers and whether or not they can step up to assist with the remote work needs or to keep your modernization projects on track.

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Embracing Working Remotely – While Maintaining Productivity and Collaboration

Remote Working listing.jpg Working from home. It’s been a topic of debate for the last decade or more, with some business leaders promoting it, some allowing an occasional work-from-home day, and some holding to a traditional office-only situation. Of course, the recent outbreak of COVID-19 around the world not only increased remote working as an option for some, it mandated it for many. What are organizations and employees to do?

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The Recent Rise in Working from Home

Effective Work From Home listing.jpg Various travel restrictions and quarantine measures undertaken have caused uncertainties and disruptions as ‘on premises’ business is either suspended, being run in limited capacity or has moved entirely to a virtual workplace. Business leaders are seeking to improve team coordination and performance by removing barriers that impede collaboration to drive organizational resiliency against such events.

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