What’s New from Binary Tree for January 2020

 What's New in January 2020 | Binary Tree

Each month, we publish our “What’s New” blog series to give a snapshot into the exciting developments in our solution over the last month.  You can also sign up to receive product release notifications, here.

This past month's releases focus on enhancements to Power365® Tenant to Tenant, plus the initial release of Power365® Active Directory.  

Power365 Tenant-to-Tenant  continues to gain usability enhancements, with specific development around insights into multi-tenant projects.  Email Rewrite has more insight through viewing a large number of domains all from the main ERS tab, helping to manage large and complex projects.  Migration Profile Summaries are now easier to view in columns, for quick scanning and analysis, and Total Groups and Teams are now available in the Dashboard summary, all helping to quickly view, understand, and manage data on projects.  The user interface continues to evolve in maintaining an ideal user experience, with reduced redundant text, promoted data of importance (including total items visible on all views), and new iconography like a refresh icon.  The sub-status column is now in exported CSV files to give the sub-status of cutover states and more.  Finally, the wizard is more streamlined to adapt to different project types, for increased efficiency in the software.  To learn more, access details in the Power365 Help Center.

We are excited to announce the arrival of Power365® Active Directory, completing the migration and synchronization story of Power365.  Power365 Active Directory is a highly-functional, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version of Binary Tree’s market-leading Active Directory Pro migration software. Power365 Active Directory migrates and integrates Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, and hybrid directory environments without requiring trusts, SQL, network connectivity, or installing servers. Contact a Binary Tree active directory expert today to learn more about Power365 Active Directory and our early adopter program.  

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