New Enhanced Coexistence Capabilities in Power365® Tenant-to-Tenant

Enhanced Coexistence Capabilities Power365 Tenant to Tenant | Binary Tree

Power365® Tenant-to-Tenant has been helping enterprise organizations, colleges, university systems, government entities, and multinational corporations with multi-tenant transformation since early 2017. From the start, Power365’s coexistence capabilities have been critical in helping organizations move between Microsoft 365 cloud tenants to complete mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures, by giving users the ability for free/busy transparency, integrated calendars, unified directories, and efficient real-time collaboration – erasing roadblocks to productivity and removing downtime.

Power365® Directory Sync is now included in Power365 Integration and Integration Pro

And now, with Power365 Integration or Integration Pro projects, you get even more powerful collaboration features through the inclusion of Power365® Directory Sync. By incorporating Power365 Directory Sync into the Power365® Integration and Power365® Integration Pro tiers of Power365 Tenant-to-Tenant, you now can manage configurations and all logs from a single, unified interface from any location, avoiding the hassle of local installations and applications. Without having to worry about SQL installations, you save on time and reduce frustrations by avoiding additional setup requirements, databases, or even maintaining in-house SQL expertise. You also gain more control and automation over workflows to better manage preparation, provisioning and cutover activities.

Adding the power of enhanced directory synchronization

The additional benefits extend to even greater applications of directory synchronization, as all group types are supported, beyond specified distribution lists – and they can all sync between local and cloud environments. You can add as many as 5 additional servers to help process synchronization workflows and password syncs with scalable agents – expanding applications to both large and small projects. Customers get multi-forest support for integration, migration, and even domain cutovers. And, real-time password synchronization across multiple directories enables a more convenient integration process for end users, reducing help desk calls and administrative burdens.

Learn more about the enhanced capabilities of Power365

All of this is available to make coexistence easier and more user friendly for both Power365 Integration and Power365 Integration Pro projects. And, for projects that only need synchronization without migration or domain solutions, Power365 Directory Sync is available as a coexistence only solution. Contact us to learn more before you get started on your project!