Are Your IT Service Providers Effective at Working Remotely?

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With the recent global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), organizations have been scrambling to augment their support of employees working from home. And while this is an urgent and critical task, organizations must also consider the impact this crisis has had on their IT department. How are they handling the inevitable increase in help desk requests? What projects have been moved to the back-burner to handle urgent remote work issues? These questions frame real and current challenges for your IT organization. One issue that may not be as apparent relates to your external IT services providers and whether or not they can step up to assist with the remote work needs or to keep your modernization projects on track.

Are your IT providers fully enabled to work remotely?

Remote working can succeed in many businesses and in many roles at most businesses, but how about your IT projects? Having a smooth remote working setup also matters for the providers with whom you are working. Can they deliver projects on time, answers questions in support, and have data-driven meetings to help ensure success – all while being remote? And these aren’t just questions that should be asked only during the outbreak.  The COVID pandemic will undoubtedly increase remote working practices in many businesses and, as a result, most organizations will adjust to accommodate remote working. It is important to have confidence in a seamless and efficient project, whether you and your provider are working remotely or not.

Binary Tree is a remote workforce solution provider

That’s why Binary Tree is more than ready to help be your partner for success whether you are migrating to the cloud, modernizing systems or supporting IT changes due to a merger, acquisition or divestiture. We haven’t been scrambling to work remotely over the last month – we have been doing it for decades. Most of our workforce works remotely full-time around the globe. We have been developing software, staying on top of the latest industry trends, and delivering successful projects with teams smoothly working across the globe since before Microsoft Office 365 was even a thing! So, when you partner with Binary Tree, you are working with the experts in adaptive project implementation, and that’s one less concern you have to consider in these stressful times. If you have questions on how we can help, contact us today.

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To learn more about how Binary Tree delivers transformation solutions remotely and how we can assist you in augmenting your remote work capabilities, check out our new white paper Effective Remote Work with Microsoft Teams. This new white paper contains insights and best practice recommendations from our 10+ years of experience with remote workforces and computing in the Microsoft cloud.

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