Thinking that M&A is just another IT project? . . . . It isn’t

 MnA not another IT project | Binary Tree

For investors, executives and the entire business, the much anticipated and immediate synergies, growth and business benefits of a merger or acquisition concentrates everyone’s expectations.

IT represents a quarter of the effort in a typical merger*. Therefore, it’s little wonder at such a highly charged, high profile, high risk time, when IT is so key to success, that nothing short of a timely, seamless and successful integration is demanded.

For most enterprises, M&A or divestments don’t happen every day and processes involving two disparate IT environments are rarely straightforward or easy. Further, the increasing scale, speed and complexity of M&As means recent, in-depth experience can often be scarce in-house.

During this unique period, the spotlight falls on those leading, managing and executing the process like no other time. They need to deliver on the promise of post-merger integration, enhancement and optimization while delivering within budget, on time and without disruption.

Unforeseen problems, delays and interruptions to normal business operations infuriate users and can compromise the entire process. This puts at risk revenue streams and can seriously threaten the success of the entire M&A.

That's why, unlike many other similar projects, IT can be pilloried personally, professionally and departmentally as the culprit of any disruption or loss of value and benefits should there not be a quick, seamless migration of key systems.

Given the elevated levels of personal, professional and corporate uncertainty, it is little surprise that over 50% of enterprises seek outside assistance for M&As1. External expertise can help minimize risk, meet timelines and reduce personal exposure allowing you to focus on core competencies and maximizing benefits and synergies from the changes.

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