Taking Customer Success to the Next Level

Customer Support | Binary Tree 

At Binary Tree we are dedicated to our customers’ success: working to build and continually strengthen relationships ensuring your experience with Binary Tree is a positive one.

As our extensive list of enterprise customers has grown, we know that having a dedicated team ready to help with any questions is an increasingly important component of your success.  To help meet that need, we have expanded our overall support offer to customers by introducing a Customer Success organization

This new initiative is all about advocating for our customers to be as successful as possible in their transformation projects and initiatives.  With Binary Tree’s Customer Success center, you can have a single point of contact at Binary Tree that is dedicated to your organization’s needs.  The customer success center is the advocate for our customers in all aspects of Binary Tree.  We can also help you facilitate adoption of your software to make it easier to maximize your ROI potential.  We can help you understand, learn and share best practices to get the most out of the software and services.  And our customer success center is focused on being proactive – in other words we want to help you benefit in every way from your investment, before you have questions!

To learn more about how we have made our top-notch customer support organization even better, with more capabilities to enable your project’s success, contact us today!