Choosing a cloud to cloud migration tool

Cloud to Cloud Migration | Binary Tree

We’re proud to be included in Gartner’s recent Market Guide for Cloud Office Migration Tools. This guide helps enterprises get an idea of the different capabilities of vendors who can aid in the transition and transformation to the Microsoft cloud.

Cloud migrations can get quite complex, so it’s not an area in which one size fits all. And it can be hard to compare vendors, as we all specialize in different areas. For example, Gartner points out that many vendors don’t help with all three workloads that are usually involved in cloud migrations (email, files, and applications). Looks like Binary Tree is one of the few.

 Here are some of the other key takeaways from the report, including how we stack up.

Some interesting stats

  • By 2021, more than 70% of businesses will be in the cloud in some form or another.
  • By 2023, less than 20% of businesses will be substantially provisioned with on-premises collaboration and communication capabilities.
  • 66% of respondents used a consultant to help them get to the cloud. Only 14% didn’t use a third party at all.

Key takeaways

  • Choose wisely. Scope your migration accurately by accounting for all the workloads you want to migrate. Choose the vendor who is best equipped to help with exactly what you need, has a solid track record with similar clients, has good regional coverage in your area, and will do it for the right price.
  • Pros and cons. You’ll need to decide whether you’ll handle the migration yourself vs. using a third-party tool vs. cloud-based services. There are plus and minuses to each choice.
  • Look outside your org. If your migration is particularly large or complex, it’s best not to rely on your internal team to do the full migration (we agree). Reason being, most IT teams don’t do migrations often enough to stay up to speed on best practices. So your best bet is to work with the vendor’s service team, or their integration partners.

How we stack up

It’s always interesting to see how we stack up against other key players in the market. Overall, we’re pleased with what we see. Here are some stats that stand out to us from the report:

  • We do it all. We’re one of the few vendors who move all three key workloads of email, files, and application data.
  • We’re enterprise all the way. We’re one of the few vendors who specialize in enterprise migrations.
  • We do cloud-to-cloud. We’re one of only a select few vendors who offer enterprise-grade tenant-to-tenant migrations – particularly in mergers, acquisitions and divestiture scenarios (50% of our migrations involve multiple tenants.)
  • We’re where you are. We have offices and partners across North America, Europe, Middle East/Africa and Asia Pacific.

Thanks to Gartner for featuring us. As always, we appreciate your thorough approach and the insights you share through your customer surveys.

For more, see how we can help with the modernization of your email, applications, and directories. Or get in touch to chat more about what you need.