Leverage the Disruptive Effects that the Cloud Creates

Leverage Cloud Disruptions

In its first decade, cloud was disruptive primarily to IT itself — fundamentally changing the expectations and capabilities of what IT could provide, thus changing economic models and redefining what was possible. In the second decade, cloud’s role is becoming a vehicle for next-generation efforts, a necessary but no longer sufficient catalyst for disruption.

Cloud disruptions are moving beyond IT and now impacting business models and the way organizations operate. Revenue growth and competitiveness are increasingly tied to the adoption and incorporation of digital business principles, which rely on the dynamic and innovative foundation established by cloud computing.

While disruptive itself, the cloud is enabling many disruptions caused by digital business, AI, IoT and other next-generation trends. Disruption is best approached in multiple ways. Every organization and industry has its own unique issues and opportunities that must be assessed. This should be done within the context of the overall evolution of cloud and other disruptive forces, and their impacts on those industries and organizations.

Assessing disruptions and establishing governance unique to your organization in and outside of your IT teams will enable you for a successful cloud strategy. Binary Tree has been the trusted advisor to thousands of enterprise customers leveraging the disruptive effects of the cloud. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your cloud adoption and innovation strategies.