Addressing 7 global data residency challenges with Power365 Geos

In my small nook of the globe, October means Halloween, fall colors, and—of course—the fact that Microsoft Ignite 2018 is behind us. Now, as we all try to absorb the new information we gleaned from the week, I thought I would take a moment to talk about a popular topic at the conference: global data sovereignty. Specifically, as it relates to Office 365 migrations, collaboration, and separations.

At Ignite 2018, Microsoft made many announcements around their technologies and solutions. One in particular interested me, the Multi-Geo in Office 365. While I invite and applaud this initiative, there are some limitations that are worth exploring. Because as it turns out, Multi-Geo in Office 365 may not yet fit everyone.

Here are some of the current limitations to be aware of:

  • It’s currently limited to volume license customers of 5,000 or more (which excludes small businesses and your preferred cloud service providers)
  • It doesn’t allow you to absorb existing global tenants or divest geo-satellites into their own tenancy—facts that will complicate those messy mergers and separations
  • And it isn’t yet supported for sovereign tenants in Germany and China (operated by 21Vianet)

The good news is—there’s a solution. Our Power365 Geos makes it easy to handle even the most challenging scenarios that our partners and clients face when it comes to data residency and sovereignty. Here are the situations we see come up most often.

 Data Sovereignty | Binary Tree

1. Relocating users to other regions

Scenario: We need to relocate our US and EU users to Germany to comply with local regulations. Can Power365 help me?

Solution: Yes, by choosing a German Power365 Geo, we can help you easily move user data from any Office 365 tenant to suit your business needs, all while maintaining in-Geo data residency.

2. Keeping user data in region

Scenario: We need to migrate users between tenants in Germany or China—but make sure their data never leaves the region. Will Power365 help us keep our data safe at home?

Solution: To satisfy the growing requirements of our German and Chinese clients and partners, we’ve set up dedicated instances of Power365 (called Geos) in the United States, Germany, and China. With Power365 Geos in place, you can be sure your data never leaves the boundaries of your regional data centers.

3. Collaborating with partners outside your region

Scenario: We need to collaborate with partners and affiliates in the US and EU, but our users are in China or Germany. How will Power365 make it easier to work together?

Solution: With Power365 Directory Sync, you can integrate directories across different organizations, which is key to helping people collaborate more effectively. Plus, you can use our Power365 Integration Pro to let affiliates share the same domain name. This makes it so you appear as a single brand, regardless of your geolocation. With Power365 Integration, resource and application sharing become easier, bringing your worlds together under a single umbrella. 

4. Divesting users across several regions

Scenario: We need to divest some of our users in Germany to multiple Worldwide Office 365 tenants. Can Power365 help?

Solution: That’s what Power365 does best: move users to their new home. With Power365 Tenant-to-Tenant Migration Projects, you can off-board users to any Office 365 worldwide tenant.

5. Consolidating after acquisitions

Scenario: We’ve made several acquisitions recently. So we need to consolidate users, servers, workstations, and all their data to our German tenant and network from many Office 365 tenants and Active Directories throughout the United States.

Solution: Not only can Power365 help with your Office 365 consolidation activities, Binary Tree’s suite of solutions can also help you plan and manage a project to clean up and decommission Active Directory. With our team of Professional and Managed Services, coupled with Active Directory Pro and Power365, you have a winning combination to see your project to success.

6. Onboarding existing tenants

Scenario: We recently purchased our Multi-Geo subscription and have several Satellite-Geos already. But we will soon merge with another organization that already has their own Worldwide Office 365 tenant. Problem is, Microsoft Multi-Geo won’t let us onboard the existing tenant.

Solution: Power365 can help you migrate those users and their data to your existing Multi-Geo home tenant. Once there, we can assign these newly onboarded users their new location. With Power365 Directory Synchronization, we can set the PreferredDataLocation (PDL) property in Azure AD or set the msDS-preferredDataLocation attribute locally to your Active Directory. This helps further automate the off-boarding and on-boarding process from a single tenant to an established Multi-geo home tenant. Moving users, provisioning licenses, migrating data, orchestrating identities, and making your M&A projects possible.

7. Setting up satellite tenants in new regions

Scenario: Our Office 365 subscription in the United States is through our CSP, but now we’re expanding our global offices. That means we need to set up new satellite tenants in Australia, Asia Pacific, Japan and Korea. These new user populations should be excluded from our US operations, but everyone should still be able to collaborate with one another. Microsoft Multi-Geo can’t help us today, can Power365 get us where we need to be?

Solution: Absolutely. Power365 is the most comprehensive tenant-to-tenant integration and orchestration solution on the market. Using Power365 Integration Pro and Directory Sync, you can create a unified experience for your end-users that are collaborating daily between geolocations. You can also make it easy to collaborate with your external business colleagues, clients, and partners. Everyone can seamlessly use a single, unified brand to communicate. All the while, your end-users are spread across the globe and working efficiently within their local data residency borders. And your data stays safe, accessible, and locally managed.

Wrapping it up

Multi-Geo for Office 365 is a fantastic solution that I’m convinced will grow and yield new brilliant technologies we can all benefit from within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. And our Power365 will only continue to blossom and adapt with the ever-changing tide of innovation and advancement. In the meantime, while Multi-Geo finds its footing and fulfills its destiny, Power365 will be there to fill the gaps, glue the cracks, and patch the holes to fulfill the promise of seamless collaboration, high-fidelity data moves, and superior automation and orchestration of projects.

Get started

We at Binary Tree can help you with all the above—and much more. Our experts have migration management and planning down to a fine science. And our solutions and services are flexible enough to handle even the most complex enterprise migrations. Contact us to get started or if you have more questions about how to deal with global data residency.

Available Power365 Geos: Germany, China, United States