Use Case #5 for Multiple Tenants of Office 365: Admin Separation

This is the last in our series of why you might need to run more than one tenant of Office 365 in your organization.

The scenario: Let admins manage their own areas

Here, you might want to group your organization into logical zones, like by country or even functional group. This lets admins with different responsibilities to each manage their own area, without overlap. As an example, you might not want your admins in Japan to have the rights to change permissions for users in Brazil. Or you might need something even more specific. You might want one person to be the admin for SharePoint Online and another to be the admin for Exchange Online.

The problem is, the admin controls in Office 365 are limited and don’t span all of its services. The controls for SharePoint Online work a bit differently than for Exchange Online. So again, you might need multiple Office 365 tenants to give your admins the right powers over the right areas.

The challenge: Unifying your brand and users across Office 365 tenants

This multi-tenant setup causes its own set of issues. As we wrote about earlier, there are some unique challenges that come with trying to enable interoperability between tenants of Office 365 in the same organization.

Even though they’re on two tenants, your offices in Japan and Brazil still need to work as a single organization, under the same brand. They want to share a name and an email domain. Employees in both countries should be able to easily email each other, look each other up in a shared directory, and share calendars.

But you can’t easily do any of this across tenants of Office 365. At least, not out of the box. To unify your users and brand, you’ll need a solution that’s outside the box. That’s where we can help.

The solution: Power365®

Our Power365 is the first tool that gracefully bridges two or more tenants of Office 365. It solves all of these challenges—and more. You can use it to share an email domain, directories, and free/busy calendar information. All while keeping users in different countries on separate tenants for as long as you need.

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