How Office 365 can help you comply with the GDPR

Complying with the GDPR's 160+ new requirements will take time, tools, process, and expertise across your entire business. Otherwise, you’ll face hefty penalties. Gartner believes that more than half of organizations won’t get ready in time. And Ovum predicts that the EU might collect around $6 billion in penalties in the first year.

To get a head start on your compliance, one of the best things you can do is move to the Microsoft cloud. That’s because Microsoft is already hard at work doing some of the heavy lifting for you. They’ve committed that their cloud services will comply with GDPR by May 25, 2018.

How it works

Office 365 can make it easier for you to find, manage, protect, and report on sensitive data. Microsoft promises that it will help you:

  • Find and catalog the personal data in your systems
  • Build a more secure environment
  • Simplify how you manage and monitor personal data
  • Give you tools and resources to meet reporting and assessment requirements

More specifically, you can:

  • Find and classify 80+ common sensitive data types
  • Set rules to manage personal data throughout its life-cycle
  • Take custom actions to protect personal data and prevent accidental disclosure
  • Protect your email against breaches
  • Get alerts about potential breaches
  • Monitor and track activities across Office 365
  • Facilitate regular testing of your security measures
  • . . . . and more

How Binary Tree can help

If you decide to make the move to the Microsoft cloud, we can help get you there as quickly and smoothly as possible. We’ve been doing migrations for nearly 25 years and are exclusively focused on moving organizations to the Microsoft platform. Our commitment to you is that we can deliver even the most complex migrations on an aggressive schedule—all without disrupting your users. See more about how we can help you transform to Office 365. Or contact us to discuss further your decision to move to the cloud.