Ingersoll Rand Increases Business Agility with Microsoft Online Services

"We were taking the opportunity to standardize on a Microsoft technology platform and establish one process for all new users joining Ingersoll Rand. This standardization will enable us not only to reduce support costs...but also to deliver an overall higher quality of IT service."

- Marcel Berkhout, Global Director, Infrastructure Operations


Ingersoll-Rand Company Limited is a $13 billion global diversified industrial corporation. The company conducts manufacturing and assembly operations in 29 plants in the United States; 31 plants in Europe; 14 plants in Asia; 6 plants in Latin America and 1 plant in Canada. The Ingersoll Rand portfolio represents a family of industrial and commercial brands through business segments which include Climate Control Technologies, Industrial Technologies, Security Technologies, and Air Conditioning Systems and Services. The business model is enhanced by acquisitions and divestitures, thus the company needs technologies to ensure collaboration between acquired entities, efficiency across business units, and agility to integrate new businesses quickly. Ingersoll Rand turned to Microsoft to optimize its infrastructure and address technology challenges to improve its business.


In recent years, Ingersoll Rand has transformed itself into a multi-brand commercial products manufacturer serving customers in various global markets in part by divesting its capital-intensive, heavy machinery businesses of its past. In 2008, Ingersoll Rand acquired global air conditioning giant Trane to complement its portfolio of industrial and commercial products. Trane’s residential and commercial businesses enable Ingersoll Rand to maintain its focus on growth and innovation with a balanced portfolio.


Ingersoll Rand signed an Enterprise Agreement Subscription which streamlined purchasing and reduced costs of its Microsoft client and server software. The company contracted with Microsoft Online Services to host Microsoft Exchange Online and Microsoft Office Communications Online for 19,000 seats and added Microsoft Forefront™ Client Security and Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) with integrated Premier Support and IT Architecture and Planning. Peter Thrall stated, “I lead Ingersoll Rand’s Global Technology Supplier Management Services team, and our team has assumed a key role in the standardization and rationalization of our technology supplier base. Microsoft has been selected as a key strategic partner of Ingersoll-Rand, and we have transitioned from a half dozen suppliers of products for email, instant messaging, Web-conferencing, and virus protection to Microsoft, resulting in considerable cost savings, successful product integration, and desktop management simplification throughout the enterprise.”



By deploying a complete Microsoft Online solution including the enterprise standardized desktop, Microsoft Exchange Online for email, Microsoft Office Communications Online for instant messaging, and Microsoft Office LiveMeeting for conferencing capabilities, Ingersoll Rand was able deliver enterprise reliability and consistency to its IT environment. End users and IT groups are now more agile and collectively focused on joint business success rather than day-to-day management, support, and communication hurdles. Company productivity has increased, and users are happy with their stable and productive collaborative environment.




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