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Office 365 Tenant Integration and Migration

Unify and move users between two or more Office 365 tenants to support mergers or long-term multi-tenant coexistence.

Driving Microsoft Office 365 User Adoption with On-Demand e-Learning

In this webinar, learn how to increase the proficiency and productivity of your users with on-demand e-Learning.

Enhance Remote Work by Consolidating Microsoft Teams into a Unified Tenant

Better understand the business drivers of using Microsoft Teams for remote work, the barriers to collaboration for Teams users in different tenants, and how to overcome the challenges of consolidating Microsoft Teams into a unified tenant environment.

The ‘No Compromise’ Tenant-to-Tenant Cloud Migration Solution

In this webinar you will learn how to empower end-users in different tenants to collaborate as a single team, enable multiple Office 365 tenants to share a single email domain name, and move users, workloads and domains without limits and without downtime.

Office 365 Tenant Migrations and Collaboration Made Easier

In this webinar, we cover the latest additions and improvements to the extensive list of Power365® capabilities.

Office 365 Multi-Tenant Environments: Overcoming The Barriers to Collaboration and Branding

See an overview of the challenges and requirements for managing multiple tenants in the Microsoft cloud.

Unify Microsoft Teams Across Tenants to Accelerate M&As and Cloud Consolidations

In this webinar, we provide insights into the challenges, requirements and solutions for migrating Microsoft Teams between Office 365 cloud tenants.

Mergers and Acquisitions

When you undergo a big organizational change like a merger or acquisition, you can face both exciting and disruptive challenges. Tackle those challenges with services and solutions from Binary Tree, ensuring the most efficient and effective transformations possible, to drive your success.

Office 365 Divestments in the Year 2020: Are You Ready?

Better understand the challenges, requirements and solution considerations for successfully moving users, and their content, between Office 365 tenants to support a divestiture.

Survive and Succeed through Mergers and Acquisitions Like a Rock Star

In this webinar, we will highlight how to ensure success on 'day one'Day One' and beyond for any best-in-class M&A IT integration strategy.

A Guide For Consolidating Active Directory, Exchange and Office 365 After a Merger

This webinar will focus on the consolidation of Active Directory, Exchange and Office 365 after Day One of a merger.

Create a United Workforce for Day One of a Merger

An overview of the requirements and challenges for enabling collaboration on Day One of a merger or acquisition.

M&A Solutions for Working as a Unified Team on Day One and Beyond

Enable user collaboration on Day One of a merger or acquisition and consolidating the Microsoft identity, messaging and collaborative systems.

Power365 Use Cases for Day One Transformations

Join Binary Tree’s Senior Solution Architect, Richard Carroll, as he gives five common examples of Power365 applications to solve complex IT challenges.

Tenant-to-Tenant Cloud Migration Challenges in M&A Projects

An overview of the challenges, requirements and solutions for enabling collaboration on Day One of an M&A initiative and for consolidating or segregating tenants shortly after the legal agreement is finalized.

Lessons Learned from M&A Integration Projects

See some recent integration projects and the lessons learned from assisting enterprises to ease their corporate transitions.

Active Directory Migration

See how you can merge, consolidate, or restructure Active Directory environments.

Active Directory Health Check: What You Need to Know

Learn how to identify and remediate the potential issues with your Active Directory environment.

The Enterprise Solution for Active Directory Transformations

See how Binary Tree’s Active Directory Pro uniquely solves the challenges of transforming your Active Directory environment.

A Four-Phase Approach to Ensuring a Successful Active Directory Migration

This webinar will reveal a four-phase best practices approach to Active Directory migration.

Directory Synchronization

Synchronize multiple instances of Active Directory or synchronize Active Directory with a Domino Directory.

Solving Key Challenges of Directory Synchronization

This webinar uncovers the three biggest challenges you will encounter in your directory synchronization efforts and how you can overcome those hurdles.

Microsoft 365 Analytics and Enablement

Drive usage adoption and license optimization for Office 365

Driving Microsoft Office 365 User Adoption with On-Demand e-Learning

In this webinar, learn how to increase the proficiency and productivity of your remote users with on-demand e-Learning.

Intelligent Insights for Microsoft 365

Explore the limitations of the native reporting in Office 365, the requirements for actionable insights you can put into practice immediately, and solutions for reducing cloud costs by optimizing your licenses, monitoring performance in real-time, and uncovering the proficiency gaps of your cloud users.

Exchange Modernization

Ensure that your mailboxes, public folders and critical information is migrated successfully, without impacting your organization’s daily productivity.

Exchange Server 2019, Office 365, or Hybrid: What’s Your Next Move?

Join Dennis Rothmel, Senior Solutions Architect at Binary Tree, as he explores the market trends and decision factors for each of these options along with best practices and solutions for moving forward.

Notes and Domino Modernization

Save time and money with a clear and realistic approach for legacy Domino application transformation.

Are You Prepared for SmartCloud End-of-Life? Critical Information You Need to Know

This webinar presents a transition path from SmartCloud in general and specifically to Microsoft Office 365 as the alternate platform as well as guidance on your next steps.

Liberate the Content from Your Legacy Domino Applications

Learn the key requirements of an effective solution for archiving Domino applications.

How to Cut Costs Significantly by Moving Your Domino to the Azure Cloud

Take immediate steps toward dramatically eliminating your Domino footprint and its associated costs by moving the environment to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Solving Challenges to Retire Domino and Migrate Domino Applications

See how to complete your Application transformation journey, from planning to content migration – resulting in the total migration to your new, modern environment.

The Magic Bullet for Migrating Custom Domino Applications

Watch a demonstration of a new solution for fast and complete ‘like-for-like’ Domino application migrations.

Finally Retire Your Domino Servers and Apps

Learn how to create your Domino application transformation road map and complete your Domino retirement journey.

Client Perspective – Transformation Roadmap for Domino Apps

An insider’s perspective and insights on how The Chemours Company, after their spin-off from DuPont, retired over two-thirds of their Domino applications.

Get the Right Data for the Right Domino Modernization Decision

Key takeaways on moving your Domino application forward, and how to greatly decrease the scope and cost of what may seem to be a daunting modernization effort.

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Résoudre les problématiques liées à la Migration des Applications Domino et le Retrait de Domino

Résoudre les problématiques liées à la Migration des Applications Domino et le Retrait de Domino

La solution de synchronisation d'annuaires Day One

Dans ce webinaire, découvrez pourquoi la synchronisation d'annuaires est essentielle et que les solutions de synchronisation d'annuaires peuvent rendre votre entreprise plus productive.