Technical Account Manager

A Technical Account Manager (TAM) is essential to your project. The TAM delivers technical expertise and experience to ensure that your transition experience is a success. These skills, along with empathy and honesty, make your Technical Account Manager a trusted and valuable part of your team. 

Benefits and Value Proposition:

  • A single point of contact provides you with a trusted technical advisor, offering valuable guidance around your Binary Tree solutions. Ensuring you are getting the best experience with our solutions
  • The Technical Account Manager will ensure you have the quickest response to your requests
  • Having access to a dedicated TAM provides you with the comfort that Binary Tree is with you through your transition project
  • Regular meetings with Technical Account Manager to review all open cases and discuss any concerns
  • Provides a spreadsheet/report at each regular meeting, with a list of all open issues and current status
  • Provides Standard Support
  • Introduce you to new Binary Tree product features
  • Provide customer with details on our product portfolio so we can ensure the customer has all the tools they need to be successful

A TAM is there to assist customers when they need that extra level of support during normal business hours. For customers requiring assistance/escalation outside of normal business hours, or over the weekend, we offer a ‘Premier TAM’ to ensure your project is a success.

Next Steps

Contact Sales for more information and pricing of adding a Technical Account Manager to your transition project.