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Binary Tree Support Plans 

Standard Support

Advanced Support 

Premier Support 

Binary Tree Support Plan Overview

Binary Tree is committed to ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of support. Should you have a problem with our software or require further clarification regarding its functionality, please do not hesitate to contact us. With our comprehensive knowledge and detailed product documentation, Binary Tree strives to provide prompt responses that resolve issues being encountered.

A Binary Tree support plan entitles you to Binary Tree product support. Support Plans are sold in increments of 3, 6, or 12 months and provides the customer access to contact Binary Tree for the time frame purchased for support on Binary Tree products. Premium options are also available to help you with advanced configuration should you require it. One-month plans are available for Advanced Support only - restrictions apply. 

The Support Plan will become active immediately if you purchased the product directly from Binary Tree. If you utilized our Binary Tree professional services team the support plan will become active at the time the project transitions from our Professional Services team to our Support team. 

Please review our comprehensive Support Plan options below.


Standard Support

24x7x365 Standard Support included with All Software Purchases

Customers purchasing Binary Tree products have access to complimentary Standard Support with the basic functionality of the software, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can submit a standard support request our Online Request Form, email or phone.

Standard Support is defined as our best effort to answer and resolve the reported issue, as well gather additional information, which may be necessary if your issue needs to be escalated and resolved by our Advanced Support team of product experts.

Standard Support provides answers to general knowledge questions on our products, license keys, information about relevant knowledge base articles, and more. In-depth product questions, issues, and phone and/or screen sharing assistance are not included in Standard Support.

If you have an issue that cannot be resolved by our Standard Support team, they will gather all the needed information from you and escalate your issue to our Product Support Engineers provided you have purchased a Cloud solution or an Advanced/Premier Support Plan.  


Advanced Support 

Advanced Support provides you with access to our team of product experts. If the issue reported requires Advanced Support, then the customer must have purchased a valid Binary Tree Support Plan. You can submit an Advanced Support request via online request form, email or phone.  

Binary Tree product experts are available Monday through Friday 3:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. (US Eastern Time)*

*Local time zones and daylight savings time should be considered when contacting Binary Tree Support from a different region.

Advanced Support is not available during US or EMEA holidays.

Benefits and Value Proposition of Advanced Support:

  • Unlimited access to a product expert (Level 3 Support) for product defect issues during the timeframe of your Support Plan
  • Ability to contact us via email, online request form or phone
  • Appropriate escalation based on issue severity
  • Ability to provide advanced troubleshooting over a screen sharing application
  • Ability to provide easy and quick solutions to common Binary Tree software questions
  • Ability to assist with implementation of a CSR (customer specific release) to resolve a critical product issue during advanced support hours
  • Root Cause analysis of the issue reported
  • Access to software release upgrades (assuming software license and software maintenance agreement is current)
  • Access to the latest product documentation, release notes, known limitations and product knowledge base
  • Includes a limited time of complimentary product configuration services assistance depending on the length of support plan purchased:
        • 3 Months – 1 Hour (must be booked as a 1-hour session)
        • 6 Months – 2 Hours (must be booked as a 2-hour session)
        • 12 Months – 4 Hours (must be booked as a 4-hour session)



Premier Support 

Premier Support includes everything that Advanced Support offers with the following additional benefits.

Premier Support Plans include priority support queue escalation, an assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) to provide expert guidance throughout your project, and two product health-checks when purchasing a 12-month Premier Support Plan.

Benefits and Value Proposition of Premier Support:

  • Premier Support cases get priority in the Support queue
  • Assigned Customer Success Manager (CSM) offering valuable guidance around your Binary Tree solutions. Ensuring you are getting the best experience with our solutions
    • The CSM will ensure you have the quickest response to your requests
    • Having access to a dedicated CSM provides you with the comfort that Binary Tree is with you through your transition project
    • Regular meetings with CSM to review all open cases and discuss any concerns
    • Provides a spreadsheet/report at each regular meeting, with a list of all open issues and status
    • Introduce you to new Binary Tree features
    • Provide customer with details on our product portfolio so we can ensure the customer has all the tools they need to be successful
    • The CSM will be available during business hours
    • If Binary Tree Professional Services is utilized for a project, then the CSM will become active at the time of transition to Binary Tree Product Support
      • Includes a limited time of complimentary product configuration services assistance depending on the length of support plan purchased:
        • 3 Months – 2 Hours (must be booked as a 2-hour session)
        • 6 Months – 4 Hours (must be booked as a 4-hour session)
        • 12 Months – 8 Hours (must be booked in 4-hour increments)
      • Two four-hour remote Binary Tree Product Health Checks are included when you purchase a 12-month Premier Support Plans