Advanced Off-Hours Domino Support

Advanced Off Hours Support offers customers a Product Expert who is available outside of the Advanced Support business hours.

If you need a resource to perform migrations, to monitor the migrations remotely, or provide support outside of Binary Tree products, please contact our sales team to arrange for assistance utilizing our Product Configuration Services.

Benefits and Value Proposition:

  • Access to a dedicated product expert
  • Ability to contact us via email or phone (the customer can choose what they prefer)
  • Appropriate escalation based on issue severity if required
  • Ability to provide advanced troubleshooting over a screen sharing application
  • Ability to assist with implementation of a CSR (customer specific release) to resolve a critical product issue
  • Ability to provide and assist with implementation of a customer specific release or workaround

Next Steps

Contact Sales for more information and pricing on a Advanced Off-Hours Support plan.