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Binary Tree is committed to ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of support. Should you have a problem with our software or require further clarification regarding its functionality, please do not hesitate to contact us. With our comprehensive knowledge and detailed product documentation, Binary Tree strives to provide prompt responses that resolve issues being encountered. 

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Support Plans

Support Case Management Process 

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

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Comprehensive User Guide to Binary Tree Support

Product Support Data Collection Document

Support Plans

Access an advanced level of support with a support plan. 

A Binary Tree support plan entitles you to Binary Tree product support. Support plans are sold in increments of 3, 6 or 12 months and provides the customer access to contact Binary Tree for the time frame purchased. One-month plans are available for Advanced Support only - restrictions apply. 

The Support plan will become active immediately if you purchased the product directly from Binary Tree. If you utilized our Binary Tree professional services team the support plan will become active at the time the project transitions from services to support. 


For more information on our Support Plan options:


Support Case Management Process

Reporting a Support Case

Prior to Logging a case you should review these helpful tips:

  • Ensure you are running a supported version of the software
  • Check the product documentation for a resolution to the issue
  • Check the Release Notes, Known Limitations and our Knowledge Base
  • Confirm the problem is reproducible
  • Confirm if the problem is isolated to one instance or many
  • Note any recent changes to your system and environment
  • Note the version of your Binary Tree product and environment details
  1. Binary Tree Support assigns unique case numbers to all customer requests for assistance. These case numbers allow Support to prioritize and track all cases through resolution.
  2. All cases are assigned a severity level and are placed in a queue to be processed by the next available Support Engineer. Binary Tree Support Engineers take ownership of your case and see it through to successful resolution.
  3. The Support Engineer will contact the customer and gather any additional information needed and will investigate to determine the proper course of action. This may require the Support Engineer to re-create the issue, work with our Binary Tree Software Development Team, and work with the customer on their configuration of the software, etc.
  4. If the Support Engineer determines that the issue requires a fix to the software, the Support Engineer will notify the Development team. When a fix is made available from the Development Team, the Support Engineer will notify the customer of its availability.


  Product Support Data Collection Document

  Comprehensive User Guide to Binary Tree Support


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

When reporting an issue to Binary Tree Support, we will provide an initial response within 4 hours. If the issue you are reporting requires escalation to Advanced Support, then a product expert will contact you during the hours Advanced Support is available. This SLA does not apply to subsequent responses, nor does it apply to the timeframe of resolution for the issue reported.


How to Contact Support

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