Day One Global Address List

Create a Unified Global Address List between Merging Organizations

Undergoing a large organizational change like a merger or acquisition can be both exciting and disruptive for a business. A primary goal for IT groups is to minimize impacts and disruption for the overall productivity of both organizations, and providing a unified, cross-organizational Global Address List (GAL) is a critical first step to achieve a smooth transition. Binary Tree’s SMART Directory Sync provides a solution to quickly and easily establish a unified GAL, so users can know with whom they can contact in the new organization, facilitating team-building and collaboration.

SMART Directory Sync is the ideal solution with a wide scope of capabilities to handle mergers of highly complex organizations. By creating a unified GAL in just ten easy steps, SMART Directory Sync lets users collaborate with new and old team members without interruption, facilitating working relationships and a synergistic, productive, unified organization. SMART Directory Sync will enable coordination and integration from Day One, and can be done either self-service or, for a more full-service, stress-free approach to a smooth transformation, Binary Tree Services can perform all of tasks and testing necessary.




Unified Global Address List

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Create a Unified Global Address List between Merging Organizations


Create a Unified Global Address List in 10 Simple Steps with SMART Directory Sync

Solutions for Assessing the Interoperability Readiness of Your Directory and Email Environments

Service Solutions

  • Active Directory Assessment - A critical first step before migration

    A proactive assessment can save you 2-4 times the cost of fixing issues with Active Directory as you migrate. The assessment helps get your Active Directory environment ready to migrate to Office 365, or can simply ensure a healthy Active Directory environment.

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Solutions for Integrating IT to Establish System Interoperability

Software Solutions

  • SMART Directory Sync Integrates Users in Secondary Forests to Users in Office 365

    SMART Directory Sync establishes synchronization between secondary Active Directory (AD) forests and the on-premises directory used by Office 365 so that migrated users in the Office 365 cloud and un-migrated users in secondary forests can easily find and communicate with each other.

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Additional Services for Day One Collaboration Initiatives

Service Solutions

  • Additional Services for Preparing for Day One Interoperability

    Binary Tree and our partners can provide additional services for preparing your organization for Day One including assessing the environments of the merging organizations to ensure readiness and establishing the coexistence infrastructure to support user interoperability.

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