Office 365 Tenant Integration and Migration


Ensure You Are Prepared for the Migration

Binary Tree can assess and remediate your on-premises directory infrastructures, as well as merge multiple directory domains into a consolidated domain, to mitigate the risk of project delays and user downtime when you integrate and migrate between Office 365 tenants.



Integrate Users in Secondary On-Premises Forests to Users in Office 365

If you have multiple Active Directory forests that need to be integrated with Office 365, Binary Tree’s Directory Sync Pro software can keep them synchronized to your on-premises domain that is integrated with Azure Active Directory in Office 365.


Unify Your Brand and User Collaboration across Office 365 Tenants

Binary Tree’s Power365 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform can fill the brand collaboration gaps between users in different Office 365 tenants. Power365 enables users in different tenants to share a unified email domain, a unified Global Address List (GAL) and unified free/busy calendar lookups.


Migrate Mail and Public Folders between Office 365 Tenants

Binary Tree’s Power365 Azure-based cloud transformation platform provides high-velocity migrations of mail and public folders between Office 365 tenants. Power365 provides full-fidelity, multiple-pass mailbox migrations that automatically direct the end-user Outlook profiles to the new, target mailboxes. Power365 also efficiently migrates public folder content and permissions between tenants 365.



Accelerate User Adoption by Supplementing Your Help Desk

Binary Tree's Surround365 introduces comprehensive Office 365 managed services to augment your IT capabilities.  With on-demand user support and training, targeted user adoption campaigns, and in-depth IT oversight and administration into compliance, Surround365 takes your Office 365 capabilities to a new, productive level.