Active Directory Migration

Streamline the migration, consolidation and restructuring of your Active Directory environment.

Whether you need to restructure Active Directory due to an organizational change, consolidate it in order to make it more manageable and secure, or update it to perform a technology refresh, Binary Tree provides software and services for automating your Active Directory (AD) migration or integration.

Solutions for Preparing to Migrate

Service Solutions

  • Active Directory Assessment - A critical first step before migration

    A proactive assessment can save you 2-4 times the cost of fixing issues with Active Directory as you migrate. The assessment helps get your Active Directory environment ready to migrate to Office 365, or can simply ensure a healthy Active Directory environment.

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Solutions for Integrating Active Directory Environments

Software Solutions

  • SMART Directory Sync Integrates Users in Secondary Forests to Users in Office 365

    SMART Directory Sync establishes synchronization between secondary Active Directory (AD) forests and the on-premises directory used by Office 365 so that migrated users in the Office 365 cloud and un-migrated users in secondary forests can easily find and communicate with each other.

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Solutions for Merging Active Directory Environments

Software Solutions

  • SMART Active Directory Migrator Merges AD Environments

    SMART Active Directory Migrator software enables a project team to automate the migration and restructuring of Active Directory environments while ensuring full coexistence between migrated and un-migrated users.

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Additional Services for Active Directory Migration Initiatives

Service Solutions

  • Additional Services for Active Directory Migration Projects

    Binary Tree and our partners can provide additional services for preparing your AD environment for an integration and/or migration project, for establishing the integration between domains and forests, and for performing the AD migration.

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