Surround365® introduces best-in-class Office 365 management, monitoring and reporting tools, so your IT team can focus more time on your core business.  End users benefit from a dedicated service desk and on-demand education.

  • adoption.png Adoption

    Surround365 strengthens your end-user adoption with targeted campaigns to specifically increase use of your Office 365 solutions. You gain context sensitive, on-demand end user education, as well as a 24/7/365 service desk for both end users and administrators, to help get answers quickly.

  • cloud-deployment.png Cloud Deployment

    Surround365 helps you efficiently migrate from Google, Notes or Exchange to Office 365. And with Surround365 Complete, end-user licenses to Office 365 are included!

  • tenant-management.png Tenant Management

    Surround365 gives you visibility into utilization of your Office 365 environment, so you always know how your end users are applying the software to maximize their productivity. You can track all users for compliance, and you can even assign rights with ease through designated roles.

  • enablement.png Enablement

    Migrating to Office 365 can be a daunting task. With Surround365’s optional Enablement Services, you get pre-migration consulting services to enable a smooth, successful migration from the very beginning.

  • security.png Security

    Surround365 is ISO 27001 compliant, to ensure the quality and security of your sensitive information. With Surround365, you can be confident in getting secure services that you can trust.

  • collaboration.png Options

    Surround365 has three tiers to choose the right option to fit your organization. Between Surround365 Essentials, Plus and Complete – not to mention the optional Enablement Services – you aren’t boxed-in to a one-size-fits-all solution.

  • Surround365 Tiers

    Surround365 Tiers

    With three different tiers available, Surround365 has the options to fit your organization's needs so that you can make the most out of your Office 365 investment.

  • 1

    Enablement Services

    Enablement Services helps prepare IT team and tools for a smooth, successful migration experience.  You can eliminate redundancy, gain support to prepare for the migration and enable cost-savings through the migration.

  • 2

    Service Desk

    The Office 365 Service Desk has on-demand advisors available 24x7, with support for all applications in the Office 365 suite.  You also get support for user onboarding and adoption.

  • 3

    Targeted Adoption Campaigns

    User Adoption Campaigns give you targeted campaigns to maximize end-user adoption of your Office 365 investment.  You can track end user activity, create campaigns for targeted user groups, and send personalized follow-up emails to inactive users.

  • 4

    Comprehensive Training

    Comprehensive training for context-sensitive, on-demand Office 365 user education has both instructor-led and on-demand training options to fit busy schedules.  An on-demand knowledge base delivers thousands of tips and videos for key business applications, all at your fingertips.

  • 5

    Monitor Real-Time Performance

    Surround365 lets you monitor real-time performance and service availability, including from multiple independent geographies.  You can configure service outage alerts for administrators and help desk contacts. 

  • 6

    Delegated Admin Rights

    Delegated Admin Rights allows you to easily assign admin rights to designated roles, allowing for the segregation of responsibilities, providing flexibility and security through roles.  You can even tailor the experience across business units.

  • 7

    Compliance & Security Monitoring

    Compliance and Security Monitoring with Surround365 allows for ease of auditing of any action executed by admins and end users.  You can monitor employee activity and find deviations from user policies.  You can even monitor the compliance of mobile devices with Office 365.

  • 8

    Included Office 365 Licenses

    Surround365 Complete even includes Office 365 end user licenses with both Business and Enterprise plans.  We will help you with the assessment and advice on the selection of an appropriate licensing package.

  • 9

    Office 365 Onboarding

    Office 365 onboarding, deployment and migration delivers technical onboarding, workload configuration and data migration to help augment your cloud deployment.