Onboarding Services


Technical Migration Help and User Adoption

Migrations can be costly. And if users don’t adopt the new tool, you might not realize a return on investment until long after migration—if at all. That’s where Binary Tree comes in. We can help make your migration successful and can help your users get up to speed quicker.


The Value of Our Experience

Many organizations that attempt to perform an in-house migration of Notes applications to SharePoint struggle to understand and properly deal with the complexity of mapping content and business functions from the Notes applications to their new SharePoint or Office 365 platform. Our SharePoint migration specialists will guide you through the complexities of transitioning off of Notes and accelerate your adoption of SharePoint.

Service Highlights


  • On-demand user technical support
  • Dedicated migration analyst


  • On-demand advisors available 24/7
  • Experts in 120 applications


  • Minimize disruption of day-to-day productivity during deployment
  • Free IT teams to focus on regular work outside of the migration
  • Help users stay positive and informed during a migration
  • Ensure your users realize the benefits of new features
  • Maximize ROI more quickly


For more information on Onboarding Services, download the services brochure.

Next Steps

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