Post-Migration Services


Migrating to Office 365 is just the first step of your journey into the Microsoft Cloud. Getting the most out of your investment is an important, but daunting, task. Binary Tree offers Post-Migration Services to help you get what you need from Office 365. You can ensure your security is up to your expectations with Security Services, address Office 365 downtime and performance issues with Monitoring Services, and get peace of mind through Cloud Backups.

  • security.png Security Services

    Security Services can help you manage your security solutions, maximize your Secure Score, and monitor your Windows Defender Security Center, to improve your overall security. You can choose between – or both – our Secure Score services or Windows Defender: Advanced Threat Protection services. Secure Score services provide continual improvement in your overall Office 365 security Performance. And Windows Defender: Advanced Threat Protection helps you manage endpoint protection while you benefit from Microsoft Azure and Office 365.

  • resolution.png Monitoring Services

    Proactive steps to address downtime and performance issues with your Office 365 applications is critical for uninterrupted productivity. Monitoring Services keeps you informed of potential issues in Office 365 performance before your end users are impacted. You will be able to stay informed and responsive to keep your organization at top performance. Monitoring Services keeps you ahead of performance issues in Skype for Business, OneDrive, SharePoint and Exchange.

  • cloud-deployment.png Cloud Backups

    Your data is important, and protecting that data is a constant concern. With Cloud Backups, you can stop worrying. You get unlimited file storage – without time restrictions – and multiple automatic backups every day. No longer will you need to stress over accidental deletions or file loss after end users leave your organization. Cloud Backups protects your information, all in Azure.

  • partnership.png Rely on Experts

    With Binary Tree's Post-Migration Services, you are relying on Office 365 experts in an organization with over 25 years of experience in customer success. Trust in an organization with four Microsoft Gold Certifications that is Privacy Shield Certified.