Notes Integration Assurance


Enhance your coexistence setup

It can be a challenge to maintain the robust level of performance from when you first use Notes Integration | CMT (formerly known as CMT for Coexistence) from Binary Tree to integrate IBM Domino and Microsoft Exchange or Office 365. Binary Tree’s software relies heavily on the configuration of your Domino and Exchange messaging systems, as well as on related IT systems. So, when you change the configuration of Notes Integration, it can:

  • Delay or stop the flow of mail and calendar items
  • Negatively affect Notes applications that send emails
  • Overwhelm your IT help desk
  • Raise the visibility of the issues to your executives


With Notes Integration Assurance, you get a health check of your messaging infrastructure either once or twice a year. These periodic checks help keep your integration performing at its best. They can help make sure that your tools don’t slow or stop, which keeps your organization productive.

During the health check, Binary Tree will:

  • Review all open support issues
  • Audit your system to make sure it’s stable and performing well
  • Suggest that you upgrade your Notes Integration software if needed
  • Check that you’ve set up any new features properly
  • Report on what we find and suggest fixes


Notes Integration Assurance Overview 

Service highlights

  • Yearly or bi-annual health checks of your coexistence and integration
  • Onsite or remote
  • Audit your systems
  • Review open support issues
  • Review setup
  • Report findings

What’s investigated?

We look for coexistence and integration issues that can be caused by changes to:

  • Notes Integration settings
  • Domino server(s)
  • Exchange Server(s)
  • Firewalls
  • DNS
  • Load balancers
  • Mail gateways
  • Physical servers
  • Virtual servers
  • Other environments



For more information on Notes Integration Assurance, download the brochure.

Next Steps

Contact Sales for more information and pricing as well as to request samples of the assessment report and presentation deliverables.