Notes Assessment 


Get your Notes environment ready to migrate to Exchange or Office 365. 

Migrating from Notes to an on-premise or cloud-based version of Microsoft Exchange can be a complex challenge. It can be costly and time-consuming to fix any issues with your Notes mailboxes or directories. Or they might prevent you from using Notes Migrator | CMT to migrate. So before you get started, it’s best to do an assessment of your Notes environment. This can help you find and fix any issues that might slow or stall your migration.

A proactive assessment often saves 2-4 times the cost of fixing issues with Notes during and after your migration. Plus, those who try to do an assessment themselves often spend 5-10 times more in staffing and operational costs than when they work with an experienced partner like Binary Tree.

An assessment from Binary Tree is a cost effective way to check the health of your Notes environment and get ready for an efficient migration. It’s a remotely-delivered, fixed-fee service. Binary Tree will analyze your Domino mail servers, databases, and directory with our proprietary assessment tool. This incorporates the knowledge we’ve gotten from migrating thousands of organizations and millions of users from Domino to Microsoft Exchange and Office 365.

Notes Assessment Overview

Service highlights

  • Discovery and data collection
  • In-depth analysis
  • Presentation and report on recommendations


  • Reduce time to migrate
  • Migrate more objects
  • Improve savings and resource impacts
  • Minimize disruption to end users
  • Get insight into critical migrated content

Presentation of Findings and Recommendations for Remediation

After the assessment is complete, Binary Tree will provide you with a detailed report of our findings, an executive-level presentation of the findings, our recommendations for remediation and a review of the options for remediating your Domino environment.

assessment for domino


For more information on Notes Assessment, download the services brochure.

Next Steps

Contact Sales for more information and pricing as well as to request samples of the assessment report and presentation deliverables.