Gain a head start with a full-service, reliable transformation.

No matter the size of your organization, migrations can be time-consuming, costly, and daunting. Choosing a new platform is just the tip of the iceberg. Then you need to spend significant time planning the best way to migrate your sensitive and critical user data. This includes everything from mailboxes and calendars to contacts and shared files. And once you get going, it’s all too common for a migration to overrun its budget and timeline or—worse—disrupt users.

Now, there’s a better way. Sit back and relax with Migration-as-a-Service from Binary Tree. This is a low-stress, full-service approach to migrations. You can stay focused on your core business while Binary Tree handles your migration from end to end. Our team of migration experts can migrate it all—mail, calendar, tasks, groups, files, and other data.


Migration-as-a-Service Overview

Service highlights

  • Initial discovery and kickoff of partnership
  • Continual status updates
  • Evaluation and analysis at the end


  • Migrate on a predictable timeline
  • Rely on Binary Tree experts
  • Gain a low-stress migration experience
  • Minimize disruption to users
  • Focus on core business throughout migration

Migration-as-a-service for:

  • IBM/Lotus Notes/Domino
  • SharePoint
  • Exchange
  • Office 365

Migrated objects include:

  • Mailboxes
  • Calendars
  • Tasks and notes
  • Groups
  • Analyze and migrate AD


For more information on Migration as a Service, download the services brochure.


Next Steps

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