SMART Migration Assessment for Domino


Prepare Your Domino Environment for a Migration to Exchange or Office 365. 

The SMART Migration Assessment for Domino will provide you with the insight and guidance to properly prepare your environment for a migration to an on-premises or cloud-based version of Microsoft Exchange.

The Value of the Assessment and Proactive Remediation

While results will vary from customer to customer, organizations that attempt to perform this assessment themselves using manual methods typically find that it costs them 5-10 times more in staffing and operational costs than Binary Tree’s SMART Migration Assessment for Domino. 

In addition, customers that take a proactive approach to Domino migration assessment and remediation – rather than address repeated break/fix interruptions throughout the project – realize migration project savings of 2-4 times the cost of the proactive assessment and remediation efforts.

Identifying the Issues that Can Impact Your Migration

When organizations migrate from Domino to Exchange, there are common issues that, if not resolved prior to the migration, can result in extended project timelines, cost overruns and user dissatisfaction.

Identifying User Mail Content That Can’t Be Migrated “As Is”

Without prior remediation, the following user mailbox items cannot be migrated to Exchange or Office 365:

  • Mail files and attachments larger than the target environment allows
  • Encrypted emails
  • Stored forms that are not associated with a form type
  • Personal address books and personal journal data not synchronized to the server 

Identifying Directory Issues that Prevent Sending Emails and Invites

Without prior remediation, user, mail, rooms, groups and mail-in database objects with the issues listed below (common in Domino-based organizations), will not synchronize with Active Directory and will prevent some users from sending emails and scheduling meetings to other users:

  • Missing SMTP addresses or Short Name entries
  • Duplicated SMTP addresses or Short Name entries
  • Improperly formatted SMTP addresses or Short Name entries 

Presentation of Our Findings and Recommendations for Remediation

After the Domino migration assessment is complete, Binary Tree will provide you with a detailed report of our findings, an executive-level presentation of the findings, our recommendations for remediation and a review of the options for remediating your Domino environment.

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For more information on SMART Migration Assessment for Domino, download the services brochure.

Next Steps

Contact Sales for more information and pricing as well as to request samples of the assessment report and presentation deliverables.