Application Modernization

Prepare your Domino Applications for Future Compatibility

Domino applications are valuable tools for organizations, but they need additional attention during a Domino-to-Office 365 –or even on premises Exchange -- transformation There are a lot of Domino applications, and you might not be using them all. Some might not be compatible with the Microsoft platform. Others you could maybe retire, as they’re no longer useful for your organization.  With the right planning, you can reduce migration costs by making sure all applications are handled correctly, without unnecessary effort.

Application Modernization creates a clear and realistic approach for legacy application transformation.  By analyzing all of your applications before transformation to a Microsoft platform, Application Modernization enables future use, compatibility, and operability – without wasting resources on unused or outdated applications.  You will save time and money—not to mention gaining a more efficient migration—by enabling all collaboration and communication applications to be evaluated and transformed, where applicable, to the new platform—including SharePoint and SharePoint online.   


Application Migration

  • Evaluate all Domino applications for a smoother, efficient transformation
  • Transform all applications correctly – the first time
  • Clean up unused or poorly utilized applications to avoid waste

Full Transformation Savings

  • Save time to migrate from removing unnecessary steps and tools
  • Gain a predictable timeline for full transformation
  • Cost savings from Domino infrastructure reduction and elimination
  • Software-guided journey through a task


For more information on Application Modernization, download the brochure.

Download the Application Modernization Brochure

To learn about Domino Retirement after Application Modernization, download the services brochure.

Download the Domino Retirement Brochure

Next Steps

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