Office 365 Monitoring, Reporting and Performance Management

Drive Usage Adoption and License Optimization for Office 365

Enterprises organizations want to maximize their investment in Office 365 and need a more effective approach to focus training campaigns and drive usage adoption. PowerBA™ Office Pro is a web-based data aggregation, monitoring, reporting and performance management solution that provides full visibility into your Office 365 environment. If you really want to take control of your Microsoft cloud, then our product can help put you in command with accurate, data-driven business intelligence.

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  • comprehensive.png Analyze Usage Trends

    Over 50 customizable reports that showcase all aspects of your Office 365 environment and user activities, including comparisons between workloads.

  • advanced-reporting.png Track Adoption Progress

    Perform timeline reporting for user adoption that rates multiple categories of usage scenarios.

  • resolution.png Skills & Expertise Finder

    Quickly identify Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in your organization based on their personalized profile information inside Microsoft Teams.

  • productivity.png Measure and Rank Collaboration Metrics

    Utilize scorecard ranking metrics for different user activities that showcase their collaboration maturity levels.

  • remote.png Remote Work Simulations

    Before deploying Microsoft Teams at remote sites you can simulate meeting performance between different geographic locations and validate that response times are acceptable.

  • control.png Proactive License Management Tracking

    Associate assigned licenses with the workloads that users consume and automate chargeback billing to business units that include lists of inactive accounts they can verify for license recovery and repurposing.

  • oversight.png Monitor Performance

    Track uptime and availability, plus response time and latency, for all Office 356 workloads. PowerBA™ Office Pro provides the following customizable reports to monitor the performance of Office 365 and enhance the experience of your end users:

    • Operational Dashboard
    • Environment Overview
    • Overall license activity
    • Workload Monitoring
    • Mail flow
    • Service Status

  • productivity.png Increase Productivity

    Foster innovation by enhancing collaboration in Microsoft Teams. PowerBA™ Office Pro provides reports that can guide you to enhance the productivity and collaboration of your end users:

    • Teams Overview
    • Levels of Engagement
    • Interconnectivity
    • Data Exposure Potential
    • Storage Impact
    • Teams Progression
    • Geographical Adoption
    • Departmental Adoption
    • User Adoption
    • Guest Insights
    • Mobility
    • Teams Activity

  • 1

    Monitors All Office 365 Workloads

    PowerBA™ Office Pro is deployed as a virtual appliance that monitors all Office 365 workloads. It collects very detailed information that is surfaced in the many reports available via the web interface. Additional reporting is possible via the available API.

  • 2

    High-level Overview of Teams

    PowerBA™ Office Pro Teams Analytics overview provides a high-level summary of the Teams environment.

  • 3

    Teams Usage by Geographies

    PowerBA™ Office Pro Teams Analytics Geographical Adoption shows which geographies use Teams the most.

  • 4

    Teams Usage by Department

    PowerBA™ Office Pro Teams Analytics Department Adoption shows which departments use Teams the most.

  • 5

    Identify Power Users

    PowerBA™ Office Pro Teams Analytics User Adoption shows who the power users of Teams are.

  • 6

    Deep Dives into Teams

    PowerBA™ Office Pro allows you to view granular statistics on every Team in the environment.

  • 7

    Teams Engagement

    PowerBA™ Office Pro allows you to understand the level of Teams engagement by User, Department, Country and Location.

  • 8

    User Interconnectivity

    PowerBA™ Office Pro give you a visual representation on the interconnectivity of users within your organization.

  • 9

    Data Exposure Risks

    PowerBA™ Office Pro provides insights on potential Teams Data Exposure.

  • 10

    Teams Utilization

    PowerBA™ Office Pro provides insights on Teams that are being most utilized with granular data on how.

  • 11

    Device Utilization

    PowerBA™ Office Pro reports on the types of computers and devices that are being utilized to access Teams.

  • 12

    Workload Usage

    PowerBA™ Office Pro provides holistic workload usage statics as well as meaningful usage and performance data on each workload.