Powerful and efficient cloud-based, tenant-to-tenant transformations

Leading high-velocity migrations and robust integration between Office 365 tenants, Power365 delivers a smooth and efficient transformation—all while keeping focus on a premium user experience with uninterrupted productivity. Built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud services platform, Power365 gives your organization a secure, compliant migration experience, solving even the most complex, enterprise transformations. Whether you are completing a merger or acquisition or maintaining tenants across the globe, Power365 can help.


The Power365 software-as-a-service platform has three components that provide a complete tenant-to-tenant transformation while also giving you the flexibility to choose only the solutions you need.  Click on each one to learn more:

Mail Migration

Full-fidelity, multiple-pass mailbox migration automatically directing end-user Outlook profiles to new, target mailboxes, delivering data integrity and user confidence from start to finish. Power365 Mail Migration includes public folder migration with one-way synchronization, including all content and permissions. Read more





Complete and flexible directory synchronization, mail and calendar workflow and free/busy lookups letting end-users collaborate as a single team, even across multiple geographies. Also includes Power365 Mail Migration and Public Folders for a comprehensive content migration. Read more




Integration Pro

Includes Power365 Integration, Power365 Mail Migration and Public Folders for a complete transformation solution. You also gain sharing email domain names between tenants with no downtime, so everyone communicates as a single, unified brand. Read more
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    Offered in three tiers to provide a complete tenant-to-tenant transformation, Power365 gives enterprises the flexibility to choose the solution that fits their needs – led by Integration Pro, providing a comprehensive integration and migration solution.

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    No Compromise Integration

    Power365 provides a ‘no compromise’ day-one solution to Office 365 cross-tenant integration and migration for organizations going through a merger or that have users in multiple Office 365 tenants, including multiple business units or geographies.

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    Solve Collaboration Challenges

    Power365 stands out, by:  1) Ensuring collaboration between end users in different tenants,  2) Automating changes to on-premises user accounts, synchronized to Office 365,  3) Automating processes while migrating between Office 365 environments, and 4) Sharing a single email domain across different Office 365 tenants


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    With a sleek, user-friendly interface, Power365 provides all of the tools to manage your migration and integration between Office 365 tenants right at your fingertips.  And, it’s a cloud-based solution in Microsoft Azure, keeping your data safe while being available 24/7 without installations!

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    More than Data Migration

    Power365 migrates your critical mailboxes, users, files, groups and permissions to a new Office 365 tenant, while maintaining synchronization between tenants for a Day 1 collaboration solution that keeps your productivity high – without downtime!

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